For some reason this month has been crazy busy! But now night has fallen, and it’s my turn to owl through the galleries… 😉

First up: Gachal’s “Selfie Time.” Love the black and white only, and that hilarious photo! I also really like that the darkest, most continuous patch of black is in the photo, which really draws our eye. All the other black elements are broken up in intensity, either as brushes, or stripes, or dusted somehow with white.

I also loved Mielz’s “Grottes de Caméros,” with its minimalist touch, spare brushwork and neutral tones–and then that yawning black cave with the tiny figure in front of it. Spectacular photo and a lovely mise-en-page!

In “Happy Place,” Lor reverses the starkness of the image, with the pure white of the outside light shining in to the darker room. The strong colors liven up the black and white and neutral tones of the photos, and the two little bits of yellow in the embellishments really pick up the yellow of the blanket on the bed. A lovely, balanced page!

The next one, aurian’s “The 100 (Things Most Likely To Be Found On Our Floor That Shouldn’t Be)” is just delightful, both in terms of the actual things (Lego among them, of course!), and the way she’s blended black and white papers and elements to create a sort of rocky, chaotic flavor that goes right along with what she’s describing. Just brilliant–and super-sweet!

Cintia Dhariana’s “The Best Part Of Us” is another layout that plays with shape and direction: squares, circles, pentagons, and the strong diagonal layout. The very careful color range allows that big, high key black and white photo to really stand out, too.

And finally, musicmom3’s “Anti-Gravity Hair” combines the super-cute with limited color range again. Look at that cutie pie! The use of multiple image frames, masked items, and a bunch of loopy elements kind of reflects the unruliness of the hair, as well as the hodge-podge use of color.

I do hope you’ll leave these artists some nice comments–and carry their inspiration into your own work. Happy Monday! ♥

3 thoughts on “Fingerpointing: February 18

  1. Thank you so much for choosing my layout; I am so happy you liked my creation! It is always such an honor to be featured here! 🙂

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