Hello everyone!  DivaMom96 here with some beautiful layouts to brighten your day.  It seems that COVID-19 has hit our galleries as well as our world.  Layouts across the web are showing us our new reality. I must say it’s heartwarming to see how people around the globe are coping with things.  We are a tenacious species to be sure.  Let’s take a peek at a few of these and enjoy some wonderful creativity.

Staying In by msbamf2you

I love this page!  What a great way to show the reality of everyday life with a positive spin!  It’s so colorful and happy and her journaling is fabulous.  I love the design, too.  Her photos are great and I love how she “tagged” each one with an explanation.  It is the perfect snapshot of life today.  Beautiful job!

Masks by Christina

I fell in love with this one right away.  What a beautifully designed oval!  I LOVE all the papers, brushwork and doodads that are used around and behind the photo.  And that photo is PERFECT, especially when you read the journaling.  So much to love here.  A fabulous layout!

Normalcy by Barbara Houston

I was drawn to this layout by the beautifully blended photo and that fabulous title.  I love the peacefulness of this layout – a perfect little calm in a world of chaos.  Her blending is just gorgeous, and I really love the photo treatment.  She also gives fairly detailed instructions in her post, so I may have to try this out myself.  Don’t you love the little lace bit just to the right of the photo?  Gorgeous!

YES!!  There are layouts out there that have NOTHING to do with COVID-19!  And I found a few to share with you.

Best Buddies by adrianita

I love everything about this layout.  Her photos are amazingly cute, and I love how she took her color scheme from the little one’s blue shirt and grandpa’s hat.   Beautiful brushwork and element use, especially the circles and arrows.  It’s a warm, beautiful page.

Fishing by Mielz

I love the peacefulness of this layout.  It makes me want to walk into the photo and just exist on the beach for a while.  Beautiful blending of the photo and the brushwork around the frame.  I love the little fish charm!  And her spill out onto the white background is just fabulous.  Gorgeous!

Easter Weekend by mocamom

Lastly, I bring you a page that will bring back memories for everyone.  I was drawn to this beautiful pocket page by the awesome pocket card in the middle.  What a wonderful way to tell the story of an Easter get-together.  I love the photos and elements she chose for this page, and her journaling at the bottom is wonderful.  And using that periwinkle blue paper as a background really draws all the photos together.  Just love it!

You know, even though I don’t celebrate Easter, I experienced a sense of nostalgia when I found this last page.  This was probably only a year or so ago, but it seems that gatherings like these are light years past.  I hope and pray that we are all able to take photos like this again soon.  Thank you to all scrapbookers around the world for sharing these memories with us.  Especially now, these photos and memories are needed.  Take care.


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  1. Thank you so much for this honor! It means so much to me to be recognized amongst so many talented people.

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