Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing (as possible in this crazy time) well! I’m here later than I thought would be, had an eventful day yesterday including my daughter almost falling for a phone scam and me with food poisoning…  She is 24 and very aware, but never had I felt happier that she lives at home, she asks my opinion and help with almost everything, or we would be right now in a very difficult situation…. it gets me that in times when the human race should be feeling kinder and closer and helpful toward others, there are mean people who target anyone….anyway. I know most of us deal with the net/ tech things almost easily, but make people around you aware that this scams are really well done, be extremely thorough if you aren’t sure or is just a gut feeling 🙂 Now to get our spirits up and fill our hearts with delight & inspiration, here are some of the most amazing pages posted  in the past 24 hours 🙂

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the highlighted name of the page and author to leave some love, so much needed by us all right now!

Starting with Spaced Out by EllenT, as you know I am a huge fan of hers, and even when every page of hers is a fabulous piece, sometimes she combines all those talents of hers with the brilliancy of playful words, humor that brings the page into the most perfection, this is the case here. Apart from the fact that she got me beyond a full smile to a wonderful laughter with the word and image play, everything makes this awesome: a marvelous take on a clean & simple template, with that brilliancy of hers adding here and there to make the page shine completely, the paints  and splats as the base, the super beautiful cluster and amazing shadows in every bit, gorgeous title work, everything here is perfection (as usual with Ellen!!!)

Another favorite of us all here at the GSO, cinderella with Look Up and Be Happy Apart from the fact that this is pretty much something I keep doing (looking up on the hope that things down here change for the better) there is so much beauty in the putting together the phrase with this fantastic full page photo, the amazing composition focused to enhance the image, each and every element is so beautiful and beautifully placed, the combination of alpha colors for the tittle make it all together into this amazing art piece!

More amazing art in this gorgeous page, Wheels & Hills by tia3966, in love with the triangle play here, the beautiful shade of green in contrast with the deep blue and those subtle patterns, the amazing dynamic shot, can almost feel the move of getting on that bike, beautiful touches with the elegant flairs and arrows, the triangular stitching also giving depth and those shadows done to perfection…. superb all over!!!!

I’m already melting in this super cute overload!!!! The most amazing tittle given, Spec-tacular by beatricemi , ticks all my boxes! As always she does, the photos are shining here with sweet and fun captures, the beautifully chosen patterns are gorgeous combined, the word art with a wonderful composition for the title, super awesome clusters and the touch of the journaling in that semi-circle….. I have learned (through my cousin’s & friends’ children and my one and only…. this is something most toddlers do and it fills my heart with joy… the grabbing adults glasses and shoes, parading around and making the most awesome captures for our books and sweetness and love for our hearts…and this one is one of those that make my heart sing!!!

Now, you may think I am a bit biased as I love this girl with all the love in my heart, she impressed me when I first met her 10 years ago and keeps growing into the most wonderful artist minute after minute, but I know she is also a favorite of so many of us, I know I am not biased (ok, maybe a little LOL) This is jk703 with Take a Hike. Her usual elegance to make a record of fabulous moments, the photos shine with the perfect off white background, subtle paints/stamps lifting the composition, minimalist cluster with beautiful flowers and, to add to the beauty, the wonderful ombre way the tittle and journaling are done! Love coming across these details that enrich the page so much, elegance at it’s best!!!

Next, another super fave of mine, eve11ine with Life is Fun, a refreshing explosion of happiness, color, full of cute elements (yes, I LOVE those!!!!) Love the composition centered under that dome (I assume is a template as I have seen others with that shape?) and the artsy feel with the background paper and paints and then the element array I love so much.  I have a bit of a phobia with balloons (no idea why) but these here are awesome!!! Love the word art tittle, the gorgeous bits of word strips, an overall wonderfully uplifting, marvelous page!!!

Last but never least… an addition I just can’t not share: Nature Heals : Relax and Take a Breath by tammybean04, is so marvelously full of perfection relating the imperfection of this world, and the battles of each of us,, with that AWESOME subtitle on the text around the circle ” I am doing the best I can” and I think all of us see and feel it in our hearts, minds, skin. Apart from the wonderful emotional charge it has in meaning, the composing of the page is, as she does, a work of art in every pixel. Not sure if those words around the circle are of her making or a word art piece from the kit,  but, either way, perfection. The colors are beautiful and there is this gift she has on filling a page, clusters of the most amazing beauty, word arts, cards, bits and pieces spills…. and still there is no mess at all, just perfection and feeling on those clean cut lines, the whole thing pure awesome!!!

I will leave you here, our dear Sheri will be with you later with more inspiration (coming from her wonderfully inspiring talent!) Hope everyone stays safe, enjoying this last month of summer, creating and sharing, supporting and loving 🙂 Remember (once again) You can get to the original galleries by clicking on the highlighted name of the page and artist, please, do make a bit of time to share the love, we all know how important this support is, and how much a word of praise can make a person day’s 🙂 Have a great weekend!







10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – August 7th-

  1. Oh my goodness. I am so honored to be included here Cynthia, Thanks so much for including my layout. You made my day.

    1. so glad to be able to make a bit of happiness in this crazy times we are living, the page is awesome!!!! your galleries are all amazing!!!!

  2. Thank you so much, Cyn! You’ve made my day and warned my heart with your words! Much love to you!

  3. Thank you for including my page! I’ve been in mojo rut lately and this just made my day. And congrats to everyone, I love seeing all different styles of our amazing hobby. Have a good weekend! <3

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