Hello wonderful people! Happy New Year!!!! Hope you had an amazing Holiday time with your loved ones!!! All the best for 2020!!! Here I am, to continue with a little homage to my colleagues here at the GSO Blog. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a regular post, this is a little bit of a hug to the wonderful ladies who make the GSO possible, as some of us don’t often are feature here, and, in case you don’t know, this blog is a labor of love: none gets paid, none gets any products of anything at all on exchange for the time spent making these posts possible, and, trust me…it isn’t an easy or quick task, so, please, do appreciate their work and take a minute or two to browse their galleries and stop for a couple of words of kindness 🙂 If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a Part 1 of this post HERE

Now, before you get bored of me in the first day of the year, here are these awesomely talented ladies:

Starting with Fa la la la la by Cutiejo1, Joanna has been for a while now one of my most favorite scrappers, even though we haven’t crossed path outside galleries, every page she makes is a wonderful standout, so rich in composition, she shines in any theme, and this one (not easy to choose just one as her galleries are, as I said, full of standouts!!!)  is bringing the Christmas feel with elegance and the joy of the reds , greens and whites are an explosion of happiness!!! The photo is so cute, the variety of textures enhanced with fabulous shadows, the layering, the clusters, everything here comes together in perfect harmony, with those golden tones making it shine all the way!!!

Following with another amazing lady, another superb creation, is lizziet5  with PL 2019 week 51. Such a marvelous pocket page, with all the elegance of white and some soft colors, stylish choices, perfection of balance between photos, cards, word arts, she herself gracing the page with her presence, the joy of those smiles that reach al the way to my heart, everything seems to bring music too…. Love the fact that she transcriber her journaling in the page description, I think this usually makes the page come into a much, much better value….the whole page is a master class in style and memory keeping!!!! Funnily enough, we went also for the first time with my daughter, this year, to Harry Potter World (even though we are half hour by train!) Amazed with this page as I am with everyone of her pages in her incredibly beautiful gallery!!!!

Next is another super talent, Jenny aka AmaneseFe with Reindeer Games. Love LOVE love this page so much!!!!! the super fun Santa, love the fact that is not a typical color one, love the layering of frames and papers, the gorgeous clusters and the detail of subtle spraying of the background, the little sequins shinning here and there, the star pattern in the background that helps creating dimension in line with all the rest, that super beautiful tittle…each and every part of this LO is elegance and happiness, all brought together with the wonderful photo, that smile that reaches the eye and makes it all shine!!!!!

Getting a bit out of the Holiday theme (well, depending where you are, really, as this is pretty much my image of Christmas and New Year in Brazil!!!) is Barbara with this absolutely gorgepus page , Aloha: Jeep in Hawaii. Everything here is on such level of beauty, prefect technique!!!! The photo is awesome, the wonderful deep blue of the sky, the impressive site of the scenery (brings me home in an instant!) and the car of my dreams, all so marvelously put together with a perfect choice of patterns, the colors so perfect that balance the whole page without taking away the impact of the photo, and ohhhhhhh myyy those shadows!!!!!! PERFECTION !!!!! this a dream page, everywhere you look, perfect 1000%!!!!

Following with another master class, Warm Hugs by Rachael aka myssp, another one of these ladies who render me speechless with their talent (oh, yes, difficult to believe, I know, LOL now, seriously, I do shut up in front of these awesome talents!!!) , you just have to look at this joyous, impressive composition playing with circles and shadows, the most perfect ones, the superb use of empty frame, the fabulous mixture of elements layered to (once again!) perfection, shadows that make it look so corporeal and real, one tends to want to reach to touch them!!! The effect of the bow with long strings creating a feel of movement together with the string of elements in the bottom, every piece, every element and every choice here make a work of art!!!!

Last but not in the least least, Katherine B with a page so appropriately called AMAZING Things. I have known Katherine for almost 8 years and have crowned her one of my Blank Space Queens, she reigns in elegance, her blending always bringing something new and distinct to the page, in this one particularly the combination of paint, creases and stitches , the splashes of ink, the text  and the brilliant combo of word arts, and the out of bounds work with the photo, all together making this a superb work of art…. absolute awesome!!!!

I ll say goodbye for now, we will soon be coming back to you with the most amazing standouts of 2020, but please, do take a minute or two to stop at these awesome ladies ‘s galleries, you can click in the name of the page and author high-lighted to get there, lets start the new year with kindness and love!!!!!








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    1. Liz, you are always huge inspiration to me (and many people I know!!!) your gallery is a delight and a class in elegance!!!!! <3 (and we NEED to arrange to meet this year!!!!) <3<3 <3

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