Hey everyone!!  DivaMom96 here with today’s Gallery Standouts!  It’s been a simply CRAZY day for me.  Tuesday is usually my day off, but today I’ve been running back and forth between work and home.  I’m ready for a break and have enjoyed browsing the galleries.  I’m now typing as fast as I can to get today’s picks in before midnight, so without further ado, here they are!

For the Boys by MirandaB

I have been enjoying a love affair with artsy pages lately.  Since I have boys, I’m often at a loss as to how to scrap them in an artsy style without being too frilly.  MirandaB is my new idol!!  I love this page!!!!!  She used a simple, geometric design with classic clusters and elements (even flowers), and then added an amazing artsy background paper!  It gives it a grungy, boyish look, perfect for the story she set out to tell.  I love all the stars she used around the page, too.  Brilliant!!

2019 Connor 5th Grade Basketball by Iowan@heart.

Keeping with the boy theme, we have this wonderful layout by Iowan.  I love all the gears and stars she used to tell us the story – it’s evident that she loves this boy and is very proud of him.  The vertical design is wonderful and using the paint splotches behind the tinted photo really breaks up the vertical lines and adds to the great clustering.  I especially like how she placed her word bits around the page.  Beautiful!

MOC8 | January 21 | Botanicals by LilachOren

This layout stopped me in my tracks when I saw it.   Pulling off a photoless page isn’t as easy as it sounds, but Lilach did a magnificent job here!  I covet that background paper, and especially how she used it to hold her word grouping.  That cluster of flowers held down with tape looks amazingly real – look at that shadowing!  She needs to make a tutorial for us.  Everything about this page is wonderful and it’s going right into my favorites folder on Pinterest!  Beautiful job!

My Sweet Darling 2007 by kristalund

This artist is the queen of pocket card layouts!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of her layouts that hasn’t made me swoon and this one is no exception.  I love how she matches up the papers and cards she uses to her photos – they seem to bring out the colors in each other.  The positioning of her clusters is just amazing!    She manages to place them in such a way as to create lines throughout the page, beautifully leading our eyes to where she wants them to go.  AND, for me, she manages to do it without making it too busy!  Simply amazing!

Hummingbird by marye

I love the colors of this apparently simple layout!  It called to me from the gallery as I was browsing.  I say “apparently simple” because I know that putting something like this together takes some playing around.  I really like how she took the pink of the bird’s head and used it to blend it into the page.  Her stains, transfers, paint splotches and art marks are just enough to add depth and texture without taking away from the photo.  It really is just perfect!

MOC day 3 Crazy Number of Frames by Sani_digiscrap

Lastly, we have this wonderful layout by Sani_digiscrap.  Look at all those frames!  Such a great clustering of them, each showcasing a photo of this adorable child throughout the year.  It’s a fabulous concept, and really works well.  I especially like the simple elements she used throughout the page; just enough to tell the story without detracting from the photos.  What a great page!

And, that’s it for today.  I hope you enjoy my picks and leave some loving for these awesome scrappers.  Til later!

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