Hello!!!! Hope you are all well! We had a difficult couple of weeks here with lots of hospital appointments both my daughter and myself, some invasive tests have the “gift” of taking away the balance in life so I have spent days without sleep and then sleep all day on others, which is what happened today…and right now being 02:55am Saturday, I will try be brief so I don’t let my mind get lost  and you confused!

Gonna start with MOC Day 31- The End, by Seattle Sheri, I’m so taken with this page, I am almost at lost for words!!! When I first saw it, in the distance I thought it was the paper mimicking a wrinkle in a piece of fabric…. then I went to look closer and here it is, one of the most beautiful, tender, sweet moments in the life of a woman….and all so superbly portrayed by Sheri. Love the intense blue, the way the photo is blended making lights and creating more texture, the perfection of that card with stitches and, also perfect, cluster. To make it all even more intense, the journaling is the most beautiful account of thoughts and takes the page to an even higher level. Superb page!!!!

Another incredibly awesome artist, portrayed herself in the page (and so beautoful!) is Dalis with Now is the Best Timeb-MOC 8 Day 30. Love her creativity always,  and,  in this one so, so amazingly well composed, so gorgeously blending and that amazing light that comes through her glasses and even in this extra cold English weather, warms your heart….!!!!

Another amazing creative with a wonderful page, Adoration by EllenT.  Love how she can go from full on pages with lots of clustering, layering and a plethora of detail to very clean ones with beautiful compositions that, like in this one, speak loud with not so much….. the photo is one of those that keeps that hope in humanity alive in my heart, a beautiful show of love, the colors left to minimum intensify the composition and …ohhhhh her talent for patterns combination here shines!!! I’m so, so very bad at it (the pattern thing), this is inspiring!!! The details of the black asymmetrical borders make all come together beautifully..perfection from Ellen as usual!!!!

Following is the awesome talent of one of the most creative scrappers,  Elysah with this page called Karma, a master class on layering and shadowing! love the centered focus and this explosion of colors, the light behind the letters/symbols creates even more attraction ti this beauty, the perfect representation of space,,,everything in here is so out of this way beautiful!!!!!!

Another gorgeous work of art in This Life Change by AnaSantos, a centered composition with a wonderful work of blending. the image is powerful and the framing with those perfect shadows , all incredibly beautiful!!! the minimalist feel is completed with the title work, gorgeous all together!!!

Next is Sugar Pie Honey Bunch by Jennifer Fehr, another master class, gorgeous page full of detail executed in the most amazing perfection. Love how much there is here and those shadows, both bottom and top ones, make me want to touch every element, so real everything looks here!!!

To finish for tonight, a gorgeous pocket style page, January week 3 page 2 by amy_hart. Love the colorful & very dynamic composition, giving the usually straight look of the style a twist by moving the breaking lines and the super clever addition of the weather report screen. There is so much here that makes the page so much more than just photos and cards, the tucked pieces of paper, cute small stickers here and the speech bubbles with a cluster, all with amazingly beautiful shadowing and she herself shinning beautiful!!!!

This is all fro  me tonight, hope you love them as much as I do, Please, do remember to take a minute or two to comment in these amazing people’s galleries, you can get there by clicking on the high-lighted name of the page and author. Have a wonderful weekend!!!!! PS: Please do forgive if some typos or grammatical errors, did check a couple of times, but lately even the checks fail!!! TFL!!!


10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – January 31st-

  1. Such wonderful picks Cynthia!! Thank you for featuring one of my pages, I am ridiculously flattered!!!

    1. oh my dear girl, you are a walking GSO!!!!! My pleasure entirely!!!! I know some people think we keep choosing the same people, (which isn’t true, as we keep a list in order not to) it’s just that some of you are amazingly exceptional artists and let the pages go without sharing is impossible!!!!! this page of yours particularly touched my heart with the most amazing memories, apart from the delight of inspiring with it’s beauty!!!!! <3

    1. you always make mine with your pages!!!!! see my answer to Sheri above…. you know you are in my idols list!!!! <3

  2. Thanks you so much! This was a page that as soon as I saw the challenge I knew I what I wanted to do and love it so much too!

    1. I repeat what I said to Sheri and Ellen… you guys are so talented, I love seeing you going from one style to another and keeping perfection, beauty, emotion and technique at it’s very very best!!!!

    1. I can’t believe I had never seen a page of you before…. I fell in love with your gallery on Friday, time is short (illness and life getting on the way of scrapping pleasures) but will be back for sure!!!!! I love the pocket style but sometimes it seems a bit constraining for me…seeing what you did here is inspiring, delightful and it has g9ven me a new push to keep me back to chronological scrapping!!!!! 🙂

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