I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. It was unbearably hot here where I live yesterday but today the weater turned around it was absolutely a perfect weather day. We took advantage of the nice weather and met up with my in laws at a park two hours away and enjoyed a nice social distance visit of course while enjoying a Dairy Queen blizzard. What a lovely day!

Favorite TV Shows Growing Up by projectlifeappdude | OMG! What an incredibly fun idea for a page! I remember watching almost all of those shows. 🙂 I love that he was able to find the images from each of the tv shows. I also really like how he described how the tv watching experience has changed from the olden days (which I’m going to call it … since I watched those shows whenI was young too!) to today’s experience.

Beach by OKate | This page is absolutely stunning in its simplicity. That photo is beautiful and peaceful. I like the mix of fonts in her title work that blends so perfectly into the photo and the overlaid circles and sunburst. This page is absolute perfection!

Dawn by cfile | What a beautiful sunrise photo! I love that artsy painted bird and the bird button The leaf brushwork is so pretty the way she used it to frame the photo and I like the beautiful paint drawing your eye through the page. Gorgeous!

Tourist Memories by ~*Kiana*~ | What a lovely travel page. I like how she repeated the photo painted onto the background paper and again in the photo with the amazing shadowing making it look like it’s popping off the page. I like the curling papers tucked behind the photo and the scattering of elements.  What a lovely page. It’s reminding me how much I am missing traveling in these days of covid.

Boat Day (July Color Challenge) by adrianita | What a gorgeous page. I love the muted colors throughout and the geometric shapes of the photos and papers and the way she attached the postage stamp photos. This page has such a lovely mix of shapes and colors and patterns and of course wonderful photos from what looks like a picture perfect day!

Road Trip by shannonroller | And last but not least (I had to limit myself to only 6 pages) is this lovely grid styled layout. I really like the text atop the photos and that beautiful sunset (or sunrise?) photo. I love the title work and the light “this is my heart” type behind the title. What fun memories from their roadtrip!

Well, that’s it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my picks for you today and that you have a great rest of your day! Happy scrapping! Stay safe everyone!


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