Happy Sunday, I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! It’s gorgeous and sunny in my neck of the woods and my family took a little summer drive about an hour away where we could get a dose of nature. My husband and 3 boys all have the summer off, but I am tucked away in our basement office during the week grinding through 5-15 meetings a day, so the weekends are always a good chance to get some fresh air and decompress.

Here are my picks for today, I hope you enjoy them:

Grow.Heal.Change by amy_hart

Captured17 by amyjcaz

BigPineyRiver by Armygrl

My happy place by Ferdy

Feeling out of sorts by fran_54

BLM Protest by LeeAndra

Have a wonderful week and leave these amazing ladies some love!!

Sheri (SeattleSheri)

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