Hello everyone ! Gaelle is here for a new Gallery Standouts post today.


I love browsing galleries to find some inspiration and beauties. Here are my picks for today :


Yes, girl ! by Ana Santos


This first page catches the eye instantly with its clean side and above all its extraordinary photo processing. We don’t really know anymore if the image is a photo that has undergone a post-processing or if it is a painting because the rendering is so impressive. A wonderful work of texture has also been done which brings matter to the page.



Color Challenge – Bright Colors by Marleen

This second page also presents a nice work of texture. Everything blends, everything binds together but with a lot of elegance and softness. A real pleasure for the eyes.



2020-0528-sewing-box900 by ninigoesdigi

The next page is much more graphic with a sewing grid which is the theme of the photos. The chosen kit is perfect for this series of photos and we can only wish for nice sewing projects with this pretty box.



Stay positive by EmStafrace

This 4th page is also a real eye-opener. The technical work is just wonderful, the shadows are well worked and the cluster is overflowing with generosity. There is a positive feeling thanks to the bright colors and the little message on the little tag.



Just a Snoozin In the Sunshine by dotcomkari

This penultimate page breathes life with this lovely dog picture. Beyond the background work with all the colors, there is also a nice overlay work with all the small papers and labels stacked under the photo. The well worked shadows and the angle of view of the photo bring even more volume to the design.



This is now by Dady

This last page leaves room for the photo since it covers a large part of the page background. The photo treatment is stunning and it looks like a real painting. The small notes of color with the paintings and the small cluster bring a little pep. A beautiful page that invites you to escape…




I hope you like my picks and wish you a great scrapping day 😉


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