Hello! hope everyone who is awake is having a reasonably good time, or as reasonable as this crazy world of ours allows at the moment. I know we have not posted in a couple of days, but I am sure everyone will understand that most of our team is battling every day life the best we can. 🙂 To me, coming to share beauty and talent with you all is a kind of therapy, so, lets get to inspire you and cut my blah blah blah LOL.

Remember : you can get to the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the page and author, it will open in another window or tab, please take a minute or two to leave them some love, we all know how good it feels and how much it can change a gray day into a brighter one!!!!

Alive by Tinkellbel is so, so very beautiful and beyond words, I am not sure I can make it justice just by a few sentences…. I have known Anja’s work for quiet a few years, and in every page her art reflects so much talent!!! The most amazing blend of an under-water photo, the gorgeous building of that border with mixed media pieces placed in perfection, the elegance and soft light…. most definitely stands out!!!!!

Next is Dramatic by Intense Magic, whom, I am sure, does no need introduction… Our Jan I have known for 10 years (or 11?) and she was already a genius creative, one of those artists you don’t think can get better, and, yet, every year , every page seems to bring more and more of her talent into the pages. Love this in every way possible, the big photo has such a happy feel is impossible not to smile, the layering and framing for the smaller photo is delightful and then, especially for some one like me who suffers of patterns combination impairment….what she has done with this template is a fabulous master class on paper play!!!! Spectacular!

Next is He is My Whole-Monthly Muse June WK #2 by Dalis…. and I have so many feelings, so many thoughts, that I would need a entire book to be fair in explaining…. This page comes as a sample of a 4 week Art Journal challenge that Dalis is hosting. She made the template for the coat of Armor, which you can get free for participating in the challenge. The page itself is a world to be discovered, the composition is wonderful and the coats of armor , interlinked without being tangled, maybe alike but different never the less, speak loudly of feelings. The composition has movement and so much to discover, I need a lot more time to enjoy every piece….there is everything and more here and the harmony is still perfection!!!!! Not only the page is awesome, but the idea for the whole month of prompts changing every week…. I have hosted this challenge before a few times and, trust me, not an easy task to come up with….. still Dalis succeeds each & every time, and this one deserves an award in creativity overall, I remember a while ago (like 10 or 11 years) when I got my first GSO and I had no clue of what it was, someone explained it to me as the “Oscars of Digital Scrapbooking”, well, she more than deserves it!!!!

Next is Celebrate by Sheana. If you know me, you know how much I love big photos and especially when the capture is as sweet, fun, beautiful as this one here!!!!! The border is a wonderful composition, so well composed that I could tell it was a happy celebration of July 4th from the thumbnail, the big tittle word art, gorgeous cluster and the detail of little beads and stars that seem to come falling from her necklace…..happy feeling, joy all over the page, so much needed, not just you guys in the North Americas, but everywhere in the world at the moment, Absolutely gorgeous page!!!

This next page has me in awe, not surprising, as every page she makes has the same effect in me….. The page is called Just a Little Different and the author is the amazing Silent Ranks  Her name is Kate and she has been one of my most loved people for a long time, though I rarely come across her when on duty here, so I am delighted to be able to share this with you… There is so much strength, so much powerful feelings put together with the incredible beauty of the drawings/dolls, the mix of word arts in scripts and word strips, the happy colors taking center of the composition ad expanding into the page, those absolutely awesome shadows…. I have to admit of being extremely disappointed with the world lately, especially with those memes and quotes about flying and dreaming big and…anyway, you get what I mean…(you are welcome to ask if you are interested)….. it is a long discussion and it would not just take months but it would spark polemic, but looking at Kate’s page, I am able to forget for a few hours (Maybe a bit longer?) my disappointments and be able to have some hope that inequality (not just in the women/men spectrum but in general) will be achieved. Gorgeous, absolutely beautiful, strong, powerful page, my dear girl, as you always do, my heart is full of joy!!!!

I am so glad to have found this page, Alice in 2020 by sbpoet. Sharon is an amazing artist, and here I feel I can get lost for hours finding meaning and beauty in every pixel!  Love how much there is here, all in perfect sync, beautiful light and gorgeous contrast with some not so illuminated areas, the balance is beautiful and the work with brushes and stamps amazing! I know this kind of art often is left to the viewer to find meaning, I see those reds and think how many Queens (and Kings!) will Alice find in 2020 shouting “of with her head” not just to poor lil Alice LOL….anyway, my imagination is also disappointed with the present and a bit lacking ideas for the future, but I am most definitely filled with joy with this amazing art piece!!!! Superb all over!!!

Another photo-less page that called my attention and amazes me in many ways is Breathe in New Life by Truusf. I used to love scrapping in black or very dark backgrounds, I felt that photos would show case better, but don’t usually find  many of those lately…. this one has a feeling of happiness despite the black, those flowers (buds?) are amazing in giving light to the whole page! I think there are some hidden shapes on the bottom right too , the little spills of white give even more power to the composition and, if I am not mistaken, the journaling was composed by word strips…so kudos on making sense of a set of words ….there is something so appealing here, I will need to come back to study it more!

Before I go, I would like to share one more…. there are two things coming together in this page that make my heart feel a bit less sad and disappointed with the human race: the subject of the LO and the author, both are awesome!!! The page is called Do you Remember How it All Started? and the author is Cinna, whom I admire through her pages for quiet a while now. I admit not being too keen on browns, but when a page like this comes, so beautifully combined, a brilliant take on a template that is itself gorgeous, the wonderful layering and shadowing that gives so much dimension, the amount of little details that not just make you smile in recognition when you discovered them in the meaning of the series…. but I know to many of you, as is to me, the smile gets broader because it reminds us of a time in which we were doing well with just Walkman and cassette players, that waffle there is GENIUS!!!!!!! the middle card, again genius,…. awesome way to make a record of this day and age linked so powerfully to some of us’ younger years!!!!! (very much younger to me LOL)

This is all from me today, hope you all enjoyed and got inspired by these awesome artists as much as we do here at the blog!!!! Once again: Remember : you can get to the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the page and author, it will open in another window or tab, please take a minute or two to leave them some love, we all know how good it feels and how much it can change a gray day into a brighter one!!!! Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week! (or as wonderful as possible these days!)

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  1. Thank you so much, Cynthia!! You really know how to brighten someone’s day!! Much love to you!!!

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