Hello!!! I’m back after a month away from the computer, so glad to be able to share some beauty and talent with you all!!! I’m a bit late posting, so I will try keep it brief, I know if I start commenting on these crazy times we are living all over the world we would be here ’till next week, but here is hoping you are safe and as well as one can be, finding a bit of comfort and joy in our art and that of others, here are some amazing pages from some equally amazing artists… 🙂

Couldn’t have been a better start of my day, finding Michele Hillam’s Yum Yum, she is such an amazing creative, and this has the sweetness of the pup photo combined with the awesome work on the watermelon, the perfection of those shadows and the exact right amount of ink splatters to balance, all together this feels summer!

Next is Kayla aka keepscrappin’s Ready for a New Adventure. I have to confess, I was going back and forth with all her pages posted during the day, almost unable to pick just one…. I guess that being an element hoarder, this appeals to my heart. From the amazing take on the gorgeous template, to the perfect choices of elements for the gorgeous layering, also the combination of different designers, the shadows marvel, and, of course, the star of the page, her beautiful daughter on a photo capture that is perfection on angles, depth of field… everything here stands out!!!!

Another spectacular lady, full of talent in every way possible, Cherylndesigns with Rachel Jefferies Challenge. The dynamic take on the pocket/blocked composition, the beauty of the photos that combine emotion, gorgeous colors and the sense of movement so well, the elegant touches with the addition of a few elements perfectly chosen and placed, visual story telling at it’s best!!!!

I’m a bit lost for words, or maybe is that I could be here for days talking about the amazing talent of Akizo which is more than present in this page she calls Bloom Grow Blossom. She is awesome in her designs and as a scrapper, and this page particularly makes my heart sing! I have always had a bit of trouble combining patterns, here it is done so beautifully! There is a feel of summer in these gorgeous colors, pattern galore without loosing the elegance and those shadows… oh those shadows!!!!! The cluster adds to the feeling and is almost like looking into a real window to that cute expression!!! Pure awesome!

Another superb creation in R is for Reagan by Scraptious, combining two of my most loved techniques to use in my own pages: The extraction, not only a fabulous job on it’s own, but the clever placement on the letter and that great shade of red that makes it such a happy page, then there is the full page photo, such a wonderful capture that puts even more emphasis in the main subject with the lower opacity. To complete this beauty, a full on cluster and the added little one on the R plus the sweet journaling… as I said, a superb creation!

Another one of my most favorite ladies shines as always, ~*Kiana*~ with Wit and originality (which could very well be used to describe the lady herself!).  The capture of expression that is full of feelings, the gorgeous shades of blue and the spark with the touches of gold, dimension created by the (also perfect!) shadows and the awesome layering, all together a master piece!

Last but, believe you me, not in the least least, is one hugely talented young lady, Cinderella with this fab page, Dad. Love the use of the double silhouette, the patterned background is perfect for the combination of the ones used for the silhouettes, the wonderful way of painting his life without words, the variety of elements used and the placement that keeps it tidy, what an awesome way to honor a Dad!

This all from me today, hope you find inspiration and at least a tiny bit of joy that will make your day better with these awesome creations! As usual, please make a minute or two to stop by these amazing creative people’s galleries, just click on the highlighted name of the layout and author, it will take you to their original post. Once again, hope you are staying  safe and as well as possible. Until next time, best wishes!









7 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 5th

  1. Oh Mrs Peel your beautiful words for my pages always give me the warm fuzzies. Thank you!!! ♥

  2. Thank you so much for featuring this layout of my grandsons! It’s such an honor to be included and a wonderful start for my day. 😉
    Yobeth (ada Scraptious)

  3. I’m totally speechless and you know that doesn’t happen very often!! I’m SO honored to have one of my pages of a special day with my grandson chosen!! Thank you and congratulations to everybody!!!

  4. Thank you Cynthia! I loved creating the watermelon for the Inspiration Challenge this month and I had the perfect puppy photo to go with it! Thank you for highlighting my page! I always love to hear from you!

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