Hello friends! Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up today! I picked out my layouts hours ago- but with all this crazy Coronavirus stuff- I had some fires to put out with changes in our schedules & such! SO without further ado…

PBP-Sweet_UiA-3-20.jpg by IrenaStokrot

How adorable is this! I LOVE the movement here- it literally looks like he is going to just zoom right off that layout! I like the curved road title as well as all the fun floral scatters!

Excuse Me by Joansmor

These amazing photos jumped right out at me in the gallery! Not only are the little birdies beautiful, but the way the artist wrapped them with the fun string & the cute acrylic spring wordarts are lovely! The messy painty gesso background is super fun too!

Old Man Winter by Deborah Wagner

Lol Bugsy- I TOTALLY agree! I feel like I have this same face as I’m watching our forecast for snow tomorrow night & Saturday! Besides that adorable photo, I just LOVE the textures on this layout. The polka dots contrast perfectly with the diamonds. Her minimalist composition is beautiful!

love u by JennNtheBoys

Another layout that jumped out at me was this one! I love the hexagon background with all the fun patterns, but especially like the photos in the sepia & muted tones! The large circle is a perfect focal point, with beautiful clusters & photo!

Spring Puddle Jump by HeyJude

What a great shot! I love the movement of that splash & how she used the same photo in all three frames! I like all the fun clusters with the themed elements & word arts!

StudioDD_LayerWorksNo1107600for-web by scrapapicture

Well, what can I say- it’s the hot topic today! It’s the reason I’m running behind in my post. I actually took a couple screenshots of our activities that were cancelled thinking of how to scrap this crazy pandemic! I love how this artist found the humor! I think we all need to laugh when times are strange & new. Her mask selfie is perfect! And how cute is that little masked emoji?

On that note- please stay safe & healthy fellow scrappers! At least with ‘quarantine’ we will be able to browse the galleries, get caught up on whatever we’re behind on & practice the best hobby out there!

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