Good morning. I hope everyone is staying safe at home and many kudos to those who must go out to help care for the rest of us. As crafters we are fortunate to have plenty of things to occupy us while confined and the overflowing galleries demonstrate this to be true. It’s Beatrice on the blog and here are my picks for today.

Dreams Tulum (SSL: 3/21/20) by adrianita

I saw a few pages using this design and I chose to showcase this one. The grid design works well to display the smaller photos and bits of patterned paper. Adding the word art and small embellishments atop the squares makes for an effective design and the placement of the title work and scribbles completes the page just right.

Just a Girl Growing Wings by robinsismai

As always photos from the back are intriguing. I really like the vertical design and cascade of colorful butterflies which are perfectly shadowed. The addition of the black and white patterned paper contrasts with all the pops of color. The small stapled tag and word strip as well as the opposing bit of folded paper move the eye to take in the entire page.

The Edge by Miki

I enjoy finding new to me techniques like this title work with the split design. The overall palette of the page matches the colors in the photo. The added texture via the gesso and ribbon completes the page flawlessly.

Wonder by Myssp

This is such a precious photo series. I like the way the curved paper piece works with the vertical series of framed photos. The pink and black complement one another so well and the addition of the gold color is just right.

Greetings by corrin

I hope you are ready for a touch of humor via this page. I like the squares of patterned paper and the way the photos are tilted across the top which adds interest. The long vertical journal card down the side works so well with the smaller squares of paper. I like the way the artist placed the floral bits at the very edge.

Spring on the High Line by gwany1999

This is such a pretty page. I like the way the artist added the clustered banner to the bottom of the photo. The stacked papers make for the perfect backdrop. What really makes this layout a standout for me is the chick stamp holding the balloons placed under the journaling. The combination of fonts is ideal for the title work.

I’ve reached the end of my post and as always I hope you have time to click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a safe week!

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  1. thank you! these are all such lovely pages, I don’t know how you pick just a few each time, but thank you for picking mine! 🙂

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