“One minute you’re young and fun. And the next you’re turning down the stereo in the car to see better.”

Yep, its my birthday and that’s where I’m at. Picking up a reeeeally old penny and finding out it has my birth year on it. Not being able to use Snap-chat because the snaps disappear before I can find my reading glasses. Having to scroll that drop-down menu like its Wheel of Fortune to find 1967.

So I shuffled through the galleries today to find all of us a handful of lovely, positive, joyful layouts. Brief little distractions… from pandemics, and birthdays.

Cupcakes by Meibritt

I chose this page because, well…. cupcakes!! And because I love the clean simplicity of it. The cupcake border is such a fun way to highlight the titles. I really like how she scrunched the letters of her title together. Yummy page! (pun intended)


Blooming Day by Kbehrig

Would you look at that little guy, bringing us a sweet little bouquet! And this page is a bouquet of its own! I love the breezy feel of the way she scattered her elements about, and the lightness of the photo masked into the background paper. The simple layers of her focal photo anchored with the ribbon tied flower cluster are so “blooming” good!


Let the Ocean by MlleTerraMaka

“Let the ocean worry about being blue”… my new favorite quote! And such a beautiful page. Fabulous photo masking. The paint splatters and messy thread really add to the artsy feel of this layout. Those sweet little fish embellishments are adorable. Wonderful!


Percy Jackson by kikimama

The awesome extraction was, of course, what drew me to my next stand-out page. The black background works so good with the action of the layout. I love how the title runs behind the subject. And her brush and stamp work highlight everything splendidly.


Love Affair by mocamom

I love finding a fellow coffee addict like myself! And such a terrific white-space page. Love the bright colors and simple shapes. I’m crazy about the extensive journaling added along the edge, scaplifting that. Her lifted shadows are cool and the tiny ellies finish it all off perfectly.


Summer Sunshine by Tinci

Leave it to Tinci to create a page just bursting with summer!! Her clusters are always so fabulous and her paper layering is perfection. I love the plaid paper layered behind the pretty flower pattern. And the fun paper clipped to the title. Notice the hot air balloon and the tiny rainbow button. What a joyful page!


I encourage you to head to the galleries today, you’ll find so many reasons to smile. And leave a little love while you’re there!


2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 25th

  1. Thank you so much for highlighting my layout! I hope your birthday was a happy one filled with lots of coffee!

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