Wow, it’s kind of crazy it’s already the last day of May! How did that happen? Last week was a bear, so I am looking forward to resetting. Yesterday was a very emotional day with all of the protesting and rioting in the U.S. As such, I chose a variety of pages that I think reflect the times. 2020 has most definitely already earned a prominent place in history. Pandemics, riots, etc. It just never stops.

FIRE by sbpoet

As I sit here trying to process the events that have occurred over the last week and more specifically yesterday, I most definitely struggle with my emotions. This page perfectly sums it up.

100,000 Gone The Population of Boulder by isDK

It’s hard to believe in just a few short months we’ve already accumulated over 100K deaths in the US 🙁 It’s incredibly sad. It really puts it in perspective when you think of it relative to an entire population of a city being wiped out. I love the masked map, the journaling, the great title work and the creative way the photo is shown.

Extraordinary by JenEm

I love the big blended photo in the background with the cropped version in full color. There is just something really serene and peaceful about this page.

May Passport to Memories 2020: Challenge 4-Inspired By by Jaye

Not only is this page beautifully scrapped, but the journaling is so touching. What a perfect kit to use to scrap with too. Please join me in wishing her lots of strength in the months to come for a speedy recovery.

LET GO by Margeda

I just love everything about this page. The title in the upper left. The blended photo with the framing and all of the other little touches.

This Moment by Ana Santos

There is just something so striking about this. The mix of elements, masking, paint. It’s very emotive. I love the purple hues with pops of green. All around stunning!

Please join me in leaving these artists some love and enjoy your week!

Sheri (SeattleSheri)

2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – May 31st

  1. Thank you so much, Sheri, for including my layout in this thread. You made my day! Congrats to all the other artists who are featured as well. xo

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