Hello hello again!!!! Hope everyone is as reasonably well as the world events allows…actually, I’m here again so soon as our Beth couldn’t post because of the effects of the Typhoon on the lines, please do keep her & family in your prayers/good thoughts/ best wishes of safety.  As we are on the road of 30 Days of Gratitude, I would like to thank all of you who have spoken to me personally for one reason or another… especially when you tell me I was able to make your day a bit better, in these trying times even more so. To me, this is what being here at the GSOs means: a labor of love and huge gratitude,  I have explain a few times that we don’t get products for collaborating, but to all of us here, this team of extraordinary people, the know that one can make a world a better place by making someone happier is the richest of richest, a heart full of joy. 🙂

Remember you can help us spreading the love (and making the world a bit better!)  You can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author – not the actual image – Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

Starting with this beauty, Christmas Magic in the Air by umyesh. I’m a super fan of musical pentagrams (and a super fan of hers!), and this one has that touch of magic. The wave gives movement and I can almost hear the music!!! Gorgeous choices by the way (of music) The clean cut lines and blank space composition (in which Monica is most certainly one of my Queens of Elegance!) are aided by the fabulous shadows giving a feel of crispy air in winter sunshine…what a way to start any day!

I’m speechless with this, Oh What Fun by EllenT.  I shouldn’t be, because almost every page of hers is a jaw dropping beauty, but sometimes the impact is a bit stronger and this one has that….Brilliant composition, such a great choice of elements and color combination, the sweet throwback photo, the title work with the silvery shine, gorgeous alpha, and the mist paint and transfers layered in the background bring that  nostalgia of lighter Christmas. And then. Those. Shadows. I love this SO sooo much!!!!! Excellence, as usual with Ellen, but a bit more today.

Have you heard of “cute overload”? well, I am right there now! This is Rudy Cutie by ScrappyHappy82,  so very appropriate name for the page!!! So beautifully elegant, which, at least to me, is difficult to achieve using a background pattern like this, still she does. Love the perfection of the template take (another thing which isnt too easy) the gorgeous elegance (again) of the elements chosen, the attention to detail…. super fabulous, all the way!!!!

Stepping a bit out of the Christmas vibe, but not so far, is this, another stunner in Smile… baby girl! by Trish. I’m always amazed  by her ability to fill the page and here especially… the blending of two photos together with all the awesome background composition is seamless, the use of those lights and how the perfection of tri-dimensional things turn into just two (dimension- not sure if I am explaining it well) Another detail I love, beautifully done, is the “tucking in” of the letter cards, especially the bottom one, the word art that gives even more of a handmade feel…. absolutely awesome!!!

Still in the “almost Christmas” vibe, is this awesome journal page, Dear Me by amy_hart. This is beyond awesome , the way the framing goes for tons of elements, little details almost hidden, texture galore and, again, the attention to detail is marvelous. The empty frame with the card that is so in sync with (what I’m guessing it says) the journaling, all works so well coming together with some perfection in shadows and those word strips and heart scatter, all is, once again, beyond awesome! I couldn’t read the journal (not only I have neurological issues many of you know about, with long pieces of text, but the font and me not being a native English speaker go into it too) but, for the little I understood, I think it would take the page to an even much higher level, that wonderful way that the scrapbooking comes to bless us with : visual beauty and the vessel to all feelings, made into a master piece of life. Beyond Awesome (again!)

Next is November-20 Challenge #5 by cinna, another one of the amazing ladies that make my days much better and inspire constantly with their talent to document life, and this one is a cheerful detail on anticipation! As someone who not just does, but desperately needs lists to even remember if I did or not take my medication 10 minutes ago, this is pure joy. This is the way we chose to take things with my daughter: it will be just us, more than likely, but we will try make it as festive as possible, and Carinna’s list, the whole page is so full of joy! An amazing take on a beautiful template, love those vintage boards, the choice of bottom background paper and the layered ones that become framing, those gorgeous clusters, not just perfect selection of elements but also shadowed delightfully, each element seems like it came from a past full of feeling of warm Christmas… I know the white spray is supposed to be snow…but right now, I think it feels like powdered sugar, the type we use to dust cookies after baking…. oh now I need food!!! LOL and here we are, back into the Christmas spirit! Wonderfully done!!!!

This next page, Covid Christmas by mrsashbaugh makes my day so much brighter…because Mary has been one of my most favorite people for many years now, but for many reasons (mainly what I explained yesterday about the CT/store frames) couldn’t feature her pages….but today I found a few without, and, of course every page is delightful, but this is so important, so vital we make a record of now, not just for generations to come, but also to help building up that joy we need to spread around… which Mary here does so beautifully! As usual her talent for a filled page is brilliant, love those deep blues, the cards and journaling spots are in perfect harmony together here, those pops of red that lift the whole thing, gorgeous title work (not sure if word art or very amazingly done with a font, but either way, gorgeous!) Love how the only photo is such a homey one….absolutely amazing page!!!!

Last but (as ou can see) not least at all, is  SO Thankful for them by JoCee. This is a marvelous master piece, a lesson in perfection in every pixel of the image, perfection of clustering, the most amazing title work with a texture that becomes the link to all coming together…visual beauty, perfect technique, amazing feelings..the recipe for success, in my honest opinion! I’m particularly in love with those crochet golden leaves, they add shine and warmth at the same time, then those cute mushrooms, the addition of “real” leaves to the knitted is perfection too, and what a beautiful family to be grateful for!!!! Wonderful perfection!!!!

This is all from me today, hope everyone stays safe and carry on enjoying Sunday in any way possible, and that you get inspired as I do with these marvelously talented ladies and their awesome pages. A reminder:

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!


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