Hello lovely people of digiland 🙂 Here I am , again at the early hours of Saturday 17th… unable to sleep, which was actually good as I had to come share some beauty! Hope you had a wonderful week, though I kinda doubt there is a complete feeling of wonderfulness in the world right now…. I know many of us are searches of the silver linings…and by the look of the galleries, we have quiet a few reasons to go towards wonderful…so lets start the weekend on a beautiful note, with some gifted artists and some inspirational pages 🙂

Empty…. by sokee is just (as she does) a work of art full of elegance, not just gorgeous with a handmade feel, but the message is one  I think we all share… wanting to empty our minds and hearts of worry seem to be a driving force …. The photo angle is marvelous, the vertical build with the feeling of wood, splattered paint & the handwritten text layered, those amazingly awesome shadows to wrap it all up…. brilliant!!!!!

Letting GO by LynnG brings us another absolute beauty. Again elegance is amazingly present, from then on I struggle to find words that can express my feelings properly…Love the way the background is built that seems to be split in 3 tiers, this is an absolutely marvelous composition! The blending of the photo is a master class, it makes me feel like I am looking at that those two in the bench from not too far, shaded by the branches of an imposing tree out of our vision….the way the framing is done adds impact, then the shadows giving the whole thing depth, all together fills my heart with joy!!!

1902 Charley and Mabel Johnston by Iowan made my jaw drop yesterday when I first saw it,  and every time I look at it, some more beauty and more perfection leave me in awe again and again!  The photo is awesome, the light coming from it aided by the perfection of the framing, the fabulous clusters, both filled up and some in a smaller scale are amazingly beautiful, the whole page is vibrant with Carol’s talent and her attention to detail…everything here is superb!!!!

Dance by  cutiejo1 , oh! this girl has some magic power over my heart that every time I find pages of hers (which isn’t as often as I would like) makes me stop and freeze and want to look at it, stare for hours, …. wherever I look there is beauty and perfection:  I am trying to overcome my fear of pattern papers, I keep looking at the combination, so gorgeous!  Love the colors and the movement given through them, the way the photo seems to have been taken especially for this, and, again, the colors so perfectly in sync, just fabulous!!!!

Scaredy Cat- THAT’S ME by Jennifer Fehr is another superb composition ticking all the right boxes, the layering is beyond awesome, the pieces chosen and perfectly placed, she herself beautiful and fun here, those shadows are crazy out of this world, if you told me it was the photo of a paper page, I wouldn’t doubt a second …is the style of shadows I would love to achieve one day, so my heart keeps singing. The paints in the background are so well done that there is a feeling that the whole thing is on top of some foggy clouds…the composition for the title is also amazing, I could go on and on…. but there is one detail…I admit of being a bit tired of some themed kits, it happened to me with Easter and right now is the Halloween thing…. thing is, here, though there are elements on theme, it doesn’t push too much and the results are wonderful.

Little Doctor by Tinisek digiscrapbook carries on the fun, super cute feel!!!! I am always on the look for pages on hospitals. doctors and everything medicine related and… how beautiful is the use of all those the pieces here?! LOVE those clusters, the feeling of depth given by the shadows is perfect, as I said, LOVE this!!! First page I come across from her, looking forward to more!!!

Last  but not least, is Spooky Movie List by mom2my2monkeys. What an amazing way to scrap a list!!! The tilted orientation gives a much more interesting view, I don’t often use browns in my backgrounds but this here is perfectly chosen….! love the different sizes, the super fun tittle work and the embellishing is so super cute!!!! I may need to lift this! Gorgeous!!!!!

This will be all from me today, I really hope you enjoyed and get inspired by these awesome talents as much as I do. Please remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the Layout and Author, so you could live a bit of love, not just they deserve it, but we all know how a kind word can change a day for the better!!!! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

12 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 16th

    1. my pleasure !!!!!! as I said (somewhere? maybe in more than one place LOL) you are lucky I have no time ir health, else I would be perstering you to have me in your team!!! LOL

  1. Cynthia, thangs so much for pointing your finger my way. It is an honor to be included with these lovely layouts.

  2. Awww thank you so much! You just made my day feel so special after feeling so sad needing to miss my best friends son’s wedding today because of covid.

  3. Omgoodnes! I’m only just now seeing the notification in the gallery that I’m featured here! Thank you so much for the finger point!

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