Hello everyone!!! Hope you are having a reasonably good time -in this completely upside-down world- wherever you are! I’m quiet sure today will be a different take on the Trick or Treat…here is wishing the very best for all of you, especially the ones with young children, I remember how much fun I had playing Halloween when my little girl was fully invested, but even with a pandemic, there are still safe ways for a  bit of witches night play! Now, here I am with some gorgeous pages to inspire you!

Together by scrappydonna is a world of perfection, each detail coming together to make a wonderful result. One of the things that called my attention when I first saw it, was the shine, the light achieved in the middle where she splits the background…. it gives the bottom paper not just light but a feeling of a texture that sets the tone for an elegant composition, the top paper with the delicate pattern makes perfection for the divide. Then we have the applied photo treatment, gorgeous and in sync with that light and papers, the beautiful symmetrical clusters, all with shadows that want to make us touch the elements…. Perfection!

Another stunning piece of art with HelpMe by Farrah Jobling.  Her skills are amazing, and here imagination takes on with the creative double exposure. Love the pure white background, and then the wonderful alpha, the way she composed the title, every detail brilliantly thought, this makes such a fun take on Halloween, plus the whole page has that feel of elegance that is Farrah’s signature style….as I said : stunning!

Next comes another amazing digital artist, a brilliant story teller and another Queen of Elegance : JenEm with Scenic Route.  Oh how I wish I had more hours in the day to find the proper words to describe this! The beyond beautiful to become impressive idea of the blend  into the globe, the magic of the photo and the way the selected highlight invites us into that forest is marvelous, the embellishment so delicate to go with the general tone of the composition, the word art pieces are so beautiful and make me realize that, what I thought was part of the map’s writing, is actually a list of her items to go on the walk/run. Even the small detail of how the globe is held at the top is giving the whole thing more and more perfection!

This next page, Choose to be Grateful by norton94,  has me tearful (in a good tearful way) for so many reasons… once again I wish I had more time, as a lot of time would be needed to explain the admiration I have for this awesome lady and her art.  Not only this is a fabulous take on a template, visually checking all the perfection boxes, ascetically beautiful, balanced with a gorgeous title work, clusters that give dimension and perfect papers choices….but reading the journaling takes the page to an all-together much higher level. I have always said that I rather have all the suffering that all my health conditions bring (and I have LOTS) than seeing my child suffering  with even the smallest of injuries. The feeling in this journaling can be felt by everyone, but even more so if you are a mother…  you will understand this page even more.Written talking to her daughter who has serious health issues and doctors all over couldn’t diagnose, the beautiful text both breaks my heart and makes me so happy, glad that the phase in time has left behind the most difficult time, and hugely proud of calling this lady my very good Friend, a Sister. I think is worth to also add that Krista herself has serious health issues, the feelings pouring in her pages, together with the wonderful talent to amaze the eye, makes her one of my total scrap heroes.

Another one of my total scrap heroes, one who is so talented both in her creativity as a designer as she is as a scrapper : Rubia Padilha with What Matters in Life.  Here again, I can talk for hours and hours about this family’s journey and how deep I felt their ordeal and how happy I felt when things happened, I think I felt it deeper because of my own experience on the path to become a mum wasn’t easy, thing is, I rejoice with each of her pages and each of her products, and this page is one of those that specially makes my heart sing. Portraying this crazy times, here is the immediate family, mum, dad & son, fabulously shinning on a wonderful mat black background with openings in top and bottom for nothing else than music… it does makes my heart sing. The framing of the photo with all the most amazing little bits of layered mixed media, the beautiful choices of paints and – oh beauty- those little black & white rainbows….the stitching giving a handmade feel,  everything here comes into my heart and whispers for me to go to the store LOL Now I need every piece of her page!!! Absolutely and amazingly awesome!!!!

And yet another super talented lady here, ellasspace with A Legend was Born. You see? I still need more hours in the day, days in the week!!!! How to highlight this page without talking about Ella’s magnificent talent for each and every style?  There is so much in here that makes me joyful, starting by the look of these templates that make my inner element hoarder jump of joy at the thought that maybe we will have freestyle coming into fashion again, to the incredibly clever choices Ella made here, one by one the parts of these composition come together in a gorgeous picture! Love the keeping to very few colors, the feel the neutrals and browns together with black and chalk make it into one of the most beautiful boy/male pages I have seen!!! Brilliant shadows all over, and so many little details like the staples, as I said, need more hours!!! This is wonderful!!!!

I should be leaving you now, but I feel I NEED to bring just one more page, Winter Boots by Marleen. I have such a huge admiration for this lady, the talent she has to convert digital pieces that alone say nothing into a fabulous piece of art, at times her compositions can be an oil painting or a wonderful pop art or no denomination at all, just would look AWESOME in an exhibition….she is THAT talented, I would pay money to have her pieces on my walls (and you may recall I love Frida Khalo but wouldn’t pay or have her painting on my walls, what I mean is, I really, really love this lady skills!!!) This is one of those [I would have in my walls] and I just can’t go without sharing it!!!!

Right, now I am really leaving. Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the highlighted name of the page and author, leaving even just a few words of congratulations can make a person’s day, especially in this terrible world of ours now, please spare a minute or two 🙂  Hope you enjoy these and get inspired as much as I do, Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!!!!













12 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 30th –

  1. Dear MRSPEEL,

    Thank you so very much for choosing my page, I feel honored, and your very kind words, that makes me shy. ?

    For all the other artist, congrats!!


    1. oh my dear girl…you are such an amazing artist!!!!!! honestly, I never say things I don’t mean, so you know every word is from the heart!!!!!

  2. Aww Cynthia you’ve got me teary- thank you so much for your kind words and friendship. I think those of us living with pain maybe are a little more raw. Xoxo what an honor. Thank God they right doctors figured it out and she’s managed so well now… Off at college being a successful student and most importantly a normal kid again!!!

    1. I have no words, or more like I have so many, you know how much I love you as an artist and as the sister you are to me!!!!!! what a blessing having met in person and being able to hugg you properly too, praying for this pandemic to end so we can see each other again!!!!!!

  3. Awe Cynthia you have made my day, you always build my confidence and make me feel so loved! Thank you thank you thank you! It’s been a rough couple weeks struggling to create with Covid, you just made the sacrifice worth it!

    1. I fully understand 🙁 we have just been told that we are going into another month lock down, starting Thursday, Sarita was due to start her last Uni course on Saturday, she is fuming….but, yes, keep creating, your gallery is full of jewels and I am SO SO happy that I can put at least a bit of incentive and happiness in your day!!!! you are amazing!!!!!

  4. Thank you so much, dear Cynthia, for including my layout with all of these gorgeous pages, and for your kind words. You always make me feel so special.<3 Congrats to all the other artists who are featured here as well. xo

  5. Thank you so much, Cynthia. It’s been a long time since I’ve had my layout spotlighted in Gallery Stand Outs. Truly appreciate it!

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