Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you found some time this busy DSD weekend to scrap and be creative. The artists I am sharing with you today certainly did!

Handsome by ~cheryl~ | I love the design of this page … the large photo and the shapes of papers atop the photo that lead your eyes to the great photo. I love the large letter “B” and the stamped “Handsome.” What a perfect, masculine page!

Evan(1styear)pg25 (SSL-photo strips) by Ernie88 | OOOH that sweet face. 🙂 I love the soft aqua color paired with the black and white image of that sweet baby. It’s so very striking. The page is so serene and comforting. I like the strips of polka dot paper set behind the photo and the simple clustering of elements atop the photo. I also love the beautiful title work. Ahhh … absolutely gorgeous!

October Snaps by Shannel Tamara | I absolutely love this page … with the bold colors and the beautiful inset design of the patterned papers. I love the way everything is set atop the circle design and the way she surrounded the photo with flowers and leaves and the wood title work. Beautiful!

2020-Slow-speed-crop-w-Cynthia by easyeyes4you | What great documentation. I too am finding life to be very overwhelming these days. While I’m overwhelmed with the news and keep vowing to quit listening, I continue to be sucked back into the drama of these days. The struggle truly is real in 2020. Reading through all the things she has documented on this page is going to be a great reminder of the goings on this year – a time we are all sure to want to put behind us. As for the art of the page … I really like the textures of the papers and varying tapes. It’s quite striking!

School in the Time of Covid-19 by digigrandma | What great documentation of these COVID days. I love the little inch worm set atop the word “School” and the scribbled arrow pointing to the new way of doing schoolwork … snuggled in a comfy chair at home with a pup sitting beside. (I’m working from home these days too and my pup, who we adopted during these COVID times, loves the company too!). I like the way she “painted” the photo onto the paper and the scribbled border encircling the entire page.

Maybe by pagefrocks | This page really highlights the uncertainty of these days. While I’m not immune compromised like the artist … I too take the same, careful views of public interaction. I love the giant word “Maybe?” that sums it all up so very well. Everything is so up in the air these days. I love her little Uhmmm and Shrugs tags with the dripping paint. Great documentation!

I hope you enjoyed my picks for you today. If you’ve got some time, treat yourself to some scrapping time today! And of course, leave a little love for the artists and their great designs! Happy DSD weekend friend!


2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 4th

  1. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful surprise!! Thank you so much for choosing my page with my handsome grandson on it!

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