Claire, here again, my second outing as a GSO teamie!

I hope you are all adjusting to the arrival of Fall/Autumn, I am REALLY not ready for Summer to be over, but a change of season will give me an excuse to venture out and about with my camera! In other news, I’m all wiggly, as it’s my bday on the 28th and like the giant child I am, I LOVE birthdays, I also have that week off – whoop!

I think all my pages are colour coordinated today, that was accidental and a bit of a nice surprise.

Right, let’s get to some lovin’

Autumn Acorns by Kat Hansen

I ADORED this the minute I saw it.. As you have already gathered about me I love clusters and this page has the perfect loose clusters, the flowers and leaves feel scattered, but clustered, awesome work. The colours of the whole page complement each other really well and the photo. The stitched circle is just amazing and ties all the elements together so well AND finally, that bow with the large blingy button..just divine.

Which Way (Hearty Attentions) by Lou Smith.

The muted, but rich tones of this page are just wonderful – lovely pops of red and yellow giving it more life. I love Lou’s paper blending over the woman and the artsy eye and mouth placement. I am a big fan of art journal style pages, I always have to double-check and confirm they are digital because I can’t believe how much they feel like physical aj pages.

Love this City by Kendallt

As NYC is my adopted hometown, I am naturally drawn to pages about it. This one by Kendall is simply WOW!! The clusters are to die for, all the pretty florals with City elements thrown in, it took me several looks to get them all, her shadow work makes me want to drop her a line and get a tutorial! And even though she has used several clusters, it doesn’t feel busy or detract from her wonderful photo.

Doing Nothing by Cinderella

Another wonderful art journal style page. I love that so few elements can be used to create something so fantastic. I really like the kraft / neutrals used here. The background paper is a great contrast for these neutral elements and the little touches of blue make me happy, because they are so unexpected!

Memories by Mrivas

I have to start by saying I just love the family photo, they look so happy and it makes me smile right back at them. The journaling made me smile even more, as I too thought that the CV-19 Summer wasn’t going to be a good one, but it was surprisingly nice and I think that is true for a lot of us. The inlaid papers are lovely and a perfect choice, they don’t get lost in the giant word template, and using a wordstrip for the i is just genius. Finally, I just love all the elements and the background stamps, the whole floral theme is perfect for that happy outdoorsy photo.

Just You by CherryGutz

Just wow! I can’t get enough of this page by Cherry! The colour palette is great, girly, but tempered with the greys, blues and greens. Obviously I am swooning a bit over the perfect giant cluster, just so many pretty flowers and elements in that one cluster, I just want to touch it! The photos are fun and the page built around them brings them alive. I am also a sucker for a painty mess on a page. I love how Cherry has used paint here to anchor her stacked layout in the center of the page.

Well, that’s all for me today, thanks for joining me. You’ll see me in again in October, I’ll be another year older and maybe a teeny bit wiser..

If you have time in your busy day, please stop by the pages above and show them even more love.

Claire x


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