Happy Labor Day weekend, America!  And for those reading from other countries, happy Sunday!  There’s nothing like a long weekend to put scrappers in the mood to create and the galleries are stuffed with beautiful layouts today.  It was fun browsing and getting ideas; I hope you enjoy my picks!

2020 Virtual Classroom by Iowan

First up is this wonderful artsy pocket page by Iowan.  I adore pocket pages!  The stitching, different cards, pretty patterns and messages mixed with photos – so much fun to mix and match.  This one, however, caught my eye because of the solid card colors.  I love how she kept the card designs simple and let the myriad of messages tell her story.  That awesome stitching is really nice!  Just messy enough to give the layout an artsy feel.  And that B&W photo is perfect for all the color!  Great job!

Sweet Shades by Debbie Tehrani

Talk about stitching! I fell in love with this layout when I saw the stitched, yellow rays of the sun.  It’s adorable!  I love the frame she used to set off that adorable photo, and those hearts and different summer elements are perfect.  And I love that title!  Everything just meshes together perfectly.  Just a wonderful layout!

Be Kind by allyanne

What a cute photo!  I was drawn to this layout by the photo against the black background, but it’s the various word art that makes it sing.  I really like the cluster of papers and elements she created around her photo, and then the word art that she used to surround her cluster.  Everything flows beautifully – isn’t that hanging chalk board awesome!  This is a beautifully designed layout!

Change the Way You Think by EmStafrace

And speaking of beautiful designs, isn’t this layout awesome?!  I want that plastic pocket element!  I adore her selfies, and her blend of styles.  The blended photos, paint and scribbles all give this an artsy, digital feel, but the pockets and papers made me take another look to see if it was a hybrid creation.  Nope, all digital.  Beautifully shadowed and beautifully put together.

Celebrating Life’s Journey by gina

This layout is so simple, so elegant and so perfect! I love the photo – I mean, who wouldn’t?   But, it takes an artist to be able to take such a fabulous photo and use it and keep it as the focus.  I love the blending, the drywall tape and the simple elements that make this layout shine.  Just gorgeous!

Autumn at the Playground by cinderella

Which leads me to my last layout for today.  What a wonderful photo and I LOVE that she used it as her background.  The perspective is wonderful, and I really like how she used that perspective to place her elements and word art.  The wonderful thing about embellishments is that they can serve as an inspiration for the message, add a little decoration or (my personal favorite) cover something up that you want to hide!  I think this designer might have used all three in this wonderful layout.  I love the fall bits and pieces scattered around – it brings back memories of taking my kids to the playground in November.  Thanks for bringing that memory back to me.

That’s it for today.  Have a great weekend and go take a look at layouts in the galleries!

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words and I am honored to be included in this great batch of pages! Oh so happy!!

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