Happy Saturday! I hope you’re all having a great weekend. We are finally enjoying some good rain (you’ll hardly ever catch me wishing for rain), however, I’ve been sequestered inside all week due to the horrible air quality caused by the myriad of wildfires up and down the west coast. Despite that I can’t complain since I am not directly impacted by the fires in a material way. My heart goes out to those who have dealt with catastrophes this year. Whether it’s wildfires, COVID, hurricanes or any other obstacle 2020 has thrown our way – for which there seems to be an abundance of. 

#1. Knowledge by MrsPeel

First off, just wow!! Seriously amazing! I don’t even know where the start. I got giddy just seeing this gem in the gallery! Cynthia manages to take a really tough topic and make it beautiful. The drawing, the phenomenal title work and just the overall emotion throughout the page make it such a piece of art. 

She’s like the wind by RJMJ 

I could probably choose every single one of her pages! I love the big photo with the horizontal cluster of goodies placed over the top and the circular framing of her upper body. The color against the black and white background also makes for a visually stunning design.

fall-ing by craftytam

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a sucker for an extraction!! I love the successive photos of him falling into the leaves and his cell-phone holding hand sticking up!! Very clever and a great way to showcase your transition into fall!

The Story by zwyck

What a wonderful mix of different mediums. There are just so many wonderful details. It’s a page you could keep looking at and continue to find new dimension. 

Fact or Fiction by Adryane 

Not everyone is ever going to see eye to eye or have the same stance when it comes to politics but there is something cathartic about telling your story. I love the dimension of this page and the perspective provided by not only the journaling, but the overlaid word art and titling. Really phenomenal! 

Dad’s Military Album Vol. II by agilchrest

Not only is this two-page spread visually appealing, but it also memorializes an import story of family history – when the artist’s parents met. These are pages 121 and 122 of her album and I have no doubt the other pages are equally wonderful. I just adore the black and white with the pops of color. You almost feel like you’re in the dance hall with them.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and don’t forget to leave these ladies some love!! 

xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

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