Good day, friends!  Heidi Nicole here on the blog today…  I’m enjoying a nice day off from work, with a wonderful skinny latte from Starbucks.

I started out the day with a mammogram.  That being said, I know most of our readers are women… so here’s your PSA – get your mammogram.  I am quick to give that advice, but realized I wasn’t following my own advice.  So, I got it scheduled, and did it.  We all know someone in our lives who has been affected by breast cancer… even some of our own sweet scrappy friends have been affected.  If you’re nervous, message me.  I have a unique background, in that I used to be a mammography technologist before moving into radiation therapy.  Please, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I’ll explain everything they are going to do and what to expect.  You’ve heard it over and over, and it’s so very true…  early detection can save lives.  Take care of yourselves, friends.  #savethetatas

Okay, okay…  you didn’t come here to talk about that… so I’ll get started with my picks for today!

Nope by EventHorizon

I am in love with this dynamic layout.  I think the contrast between the wood grain paper and the black and white backgrounds are spot on.  The page isn’t overwhelmed with elements, they’re perfectly placed and spaced.  The icing on the cake is that awesome yellow flower right in the center.  Just a fun and well composed page!

Embrace Weird by Wisdomes

I adore all the wonderful clusters on this page!  Gorgeous layering which adds depth and interest.  The shadowing on all the layers of the clusters are perfect.  The word strips add to the overall fun feel to the page.  It would be hard to look at this page and not smile!

jPA – Think and Grow by justpattyanne

Sometimes a layout just about makes you catch your breath… know what I mean?  This beautiful piece of art did just that.  I am in LOVE with all those flowers and that lovely butterfly that act as hair.  The beautiful mixture of textures and depths create such a dynamic feel.  The line drawing is so simple, the ‘hair’ and the title balances the design perfectly.  Absolutely gorgeous!

Bio160 – Gummie Bear Experiment by Megscottstudio

The standout feature on this page is absolutely the title.  It is lifted off the page beautifully with that awesome photo strip tucked in behind it.  The layout feels balanced and composed.  It’s super fun with all those paint splatters in the background and the colorful background paper.  All good things in this layout… and what a fun experiment!  I love when we document things in our lives like this science experiment.  Loving this!

sun will shine by Biancka

I am loving this horizontal row of mini black and white photos!  Oh my goodness, how cute!  I love the sweet grungy feel Biancka creates here.  The white background with the bright splashes of color is spot on.  The messy thread lends itself to the grungy feel of the piece.  Such an inspiring layout!

Reflections by JenEm

You guys.  Just look at this layout.  That photo is absolutely stunning.  It definitely deserves to be highlighted, and highlighted it is.  The front and center photo, the minimal elements, the beautiful title, and the journaling all come together to create a composed, contrasty, lovely piece of art.  Another inspiring layout that just takes your breath away!

I hope you all enjoyed my picks for today.  The galleries are such a wonderful space to connect with your creativity and be inspired.  I hope you can all leave some love on these beauties.  Enjoy your day and spread some sunshine!


Heidi Nicole



3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 14th

  1. I LOVE that you began this post with the #savethetatas PSA! AND offering to answer questions for everyone. How sweet & proactive are you?! Bravo YOU!

    And THANK YOU from the bottom of my pea-pickin’ creative heart for highlighting my ‘Think & Grow’ page! My heart did a little dance when I saw this. I’m not sure I’m not dreaming it anyway! ha! I truly do appreciate it! And SAVE THE TATAs! 😉 (((hugs)))

  2. Thank you, Heidi, for the PSA and for your kindness in offering to answer questions about mammograms. I agree with Patty Anne. BRAVO YOU! Early detection is everything! As someone who has been diagnosed with, and treated for breast cancer, I cannot stress this enough! Go get your mammogram and #SAVE THE TATAS!

    I feel so honored to have my layout featured here with all of these gorgeous pages. Thank you so much, Heidi! Congrats to all the other artists who are featured here as well. xo

  3. Oh my goodness, I totally missed this !! Thank you so much for featuring my layout on the GSO blog. Always an honor ! ♥

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