Hello again! Hope everyone is doing as well as possible within the “new world” parameters. Can you believe we are already mid April? I think many of us have lost track of time, after almost 14 month of lockdowns and general population stress for not just the virus, but sooooo many other issues… I have to confess I’m on the fence about coming out of lockdown here in England, but I wont bore you with my apocalyptic paranoia now LOL, instead, I’m gonna share with you a few more pages than usual, taking we couldn’t be here with you for Thursday. As always, the galleries have so much talent and amazing life stories, isn’t easy to just share a few, but I tried 🙂

PLEASE NOTE : you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

Gonna start with 21-02_ grieveson_ready_steady_shine by marijke, one of the most magical minimalist scrappers, this page has so much light, can almost feel that sun! Love the way she paired the photo colors with the painted elements, the composition is brilliant at giving us a landscape like a painting, and then those shadows are so amazing, giving the whole thing dimension…. perfection!!!! The beauty of the whole thing is completed with blank space elegance!

Next is Universal, SG, Twilight Castle by bellbird. I have Justine as one of my most inspiring idols… I have learned so much from her way of thinking to build a gorgeous page, and this is another example of that brilliant thinking… the ability to get the “artsy feel” through pieces of paint, masterfully placed doodles, gorgeous painted bits and the enamel pins is done to perfection, with the addition of journaling  making us almost be there for that rainbow in the amazing magic of the lights and castle. Beautiful beyond words!

Following with another super idol of mine, the kind I have to work hard to choose just one page, is 2021-04_April-TLP_M3-0416_web by mcurtt.  I’m in awe with this! I’m actually almost sure that woman is part of the kit (which makes me wanna go get and scrap it!), the way the background gives the feel of a tri-dimensional space, the amazing cluster following the lines to fall into the gorgeously stitched word strips, and, even though lately I have been moaning at these common phrases of self lift (as I think I can argue with 99% of them as being practically impossible for a good 70% of the world’s population) these here have the one element that has kept me going… we do pick ourselves up and carry on. Love every bit of this!

From one way of lifting ourselves up to the most magical one (even if you are not as old as I am, I am sure this applies!) Mary Poppins, brought to us by Neverland Scraps, whom I don’t often come across the pages but every time I do, I am in awe, and this time is even more magical! The silhouette that so many of us had opening the doors to the imagination world, the amazing background silhouette buildings with their lights, all have a huge pull to me even from the thumbnail, and then the super AWESOME border! the amount of florals, the gorgeous layering and shadows that makes us want to reach and touch, the fabulous element framing the card… oh, every time I look again I find more…which is the most delightful thing! to complete the magical feel, the bubbles and little stars and the way the colors in the top left of the background play with that borderline evening lights…absolutely awesome!!!!!

Still on that magical feeling but approached in a different way, is 4- All Star Service by bienejen. There is so much here making that magic happen, love the way the circles in the background with the splashes of ink or paint, combined with the brilliantly layered stars give the diagonal composition a perfect balance, then the beauty of the few different patterns and those leaves layered here and there, the little details like the tucked in tag and others (details) framing the photo, which is, by the way, another joy, with those gorgeous smiles, and then (and to think I almost didn’t read the journaling!) the story behind this page, I should have known, Jenn being the wonderful memory keeper she is…. well, completes the whole magical feel, making part of those little miracles I have now come to believe are happening everywhere in the world. So much awesome!

Next is Be Different by LisaMT.  I Love LOVE love this SOOOO much!!!!!  I have to admit I picked the page before I read the journaling…sometimes I don’t because my sight is bad, others because my neurological issues scramble long text for me, but I did wonder what the thing was…and I am so very glad I read it! So, not only the gorgeousness of the textured background choice, the marvelous layering of different kind of textures here again with the elements, all in a muted exposition of color, that super cute bear , the paper bits and specially the black and white stripes that bring those beautiful frames to the front with that beautiful face…. not only all of the above, but the joy of a kid growing up with parents who encourage imagination… delightful al together!!!

Another fabulous artist with another superb page, COVID19-Hair-Loss by frani_54 brings to attention one of the most feared issues for many of us, both men & women. The ability to scrap photos which paint part of a not so beautiful reality and turn the whole page into a master piece, not always easy, but here she makes it look effortless, LOVE the big half photo, the gorgeous blending of it with that beautiful timeless clock and just a few elements, following the lines with water color effect to get to the next photo portraying the worrying issue (which, by the way, is so very common in my family). I keep always talking about the importance of scrapping inner thoughts, fears and other not so beautiful stories, not just because the scrapping of it  turns it into a beautiful art piece, but also because “putting it out” I learned, really helps, and sharing with others makes it get nearer the responses… in this case the answer is, most of the time, stress, so I don’t think COVID itself is to blame, but depending on the age, some of us start earlier, others later…  there are other issues like some medication or hormonal unbalance… if you want some pointers, give us a shout, my daughter is going through it now, I started at same age, (mid 20s) and still (at 62!) have a full head of hair….anyway, talking too much again, awesome page, Frani!

I’m quiet sure next artist doesn’t require an introduction, but just in case you have been leaving under a scrapbook rock.. LOL she is another one of my Blank Space Queens, those who manage the art of minimalism and can tell a story or just delight the eyes and heart with awesome skills. She is *sylvia* and the page is called memories. Here is another great photo blend, management of color perfection, amazingly crazy shadows very subtle in certain places, the different types of art word and strips… the fading text…and, I think for many of us, the car , if it is not, resembles a lot those fiat 600 of the 60s 70s & 80s (I think there were called different in some parts of the world) that were their first car for so many of my friends back then… here again, every time I lookup I discover more awesomeness (like the amount of different textures in the background and that thread I had missed) Brilliant!

More magical blend with artistic creativity in DomiD’s AnnaLift  Amazing blending perfection with the big photo fading into the background, the brilliant addition of just those doodles that perfectly reflect and put emphasis in the movement, almost bringing the photo to life, so beautiful combined tittle, the overall beauty here has a feeling of spring and hope, lets hope we get it soon, but for now, looking at this here gives a start to the joy! Gorgeous!

More gorgeousness with this page from angels, Totally board. The denim background already gives a hybrid feeling, and the framing, both of the photo and the page, is marvelous! Love how perfectly in sync all the colors are, the elegance achieved, the photo is perfect here…not sure if it is a stock photo or not but, even though I’m a bit on the fence about stock images when is for “traditional” scrapping (I use a lot in art journal though) in this case is so perfect, I am in love with the whole piece!!!!

Another super sweet childhood oridinary routine kept in time here with MFish_PaintersParadise_aimeeh_ feelingsheepish600 by hichchei tugs my hurt and makes me want to go back 15 or 20 years to see my own baby sleeping…. this is a gorgeous personalization of the template, given dimension with the use of wood paper, wonderful layering of elements and beautiful paint pieces, loving those outer shadows that give even more depth, amazing calm feeling, so much sweetness!!!!

This is all for me today, you will have Jan later with today’s post. Hope you enjoy and get inspired by these awesome artists as we do, Please Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!



10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 16th –

  1. YAY!!! Thanks Mrs Peel (Cynthia) for highlighting one of my layouts in the Gallery Standouts for April 17th! Super happy.
    Congrats to the others!

  2. OMGosh, never did I think this page would be highlighted! Thank you Cynthia for posting this, hoping this helps highlight The importance of handling your stress.

    1. I love real people, with real stories, the page is amazing, to the point I am going tomlift you (and credit you, of course) the art you always introduce into your pages makes them a stand out!!!! and I think yes, sharing our experiences always reaches some people in the best of ways!!! 🙂

  3. What a pleasant surprise to find my page here! Thanks for your compliments – they mean the world to me!!!

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