Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend. I have had a few days off, so had a super long weekend, which is BLISS! I have been enjoying the galleries this weekend, so much gorgeousness out there!

shunnstergirl – Sunny Spring Day 

Spring is just bursting out of this page! I love everything about it. The bright Spring colours just pop off of the darker background. The two big clusters are just amazing, with so much detail in them, and I just love the white outline leaves and flowers. The photo is great and I love how everything frames it / leads the eye to it. Just a super happy page.

Heidi Nicole – New Hair

I love absolutely everything about this! I am a big fan of layering and pattern mixing and I really like the fact that Heidi’s background consists of x3 pieces. I love all the little details, the charm, the fabric trim, the sequins, and the use of the wonderful decorative edges. The flowers, foliage and butterflies in little mini clusters here and there is great – I am not brave enough yet for multiple mini clusters! I really like the idea of using a pocket that separates the in-progress and after photos, it adds a lovely balance to the page. I am a big fan of dark backgrounds, especially if the rest of the page has bright colours that just pop off of it. I can feel Heidi’s joy at her new hairdo and chapstick!

lovemuffin – Bug Hunt

I can totally relate! I think Bugs/Insects are fascinating – until they move! LOL. They are often bright, pretty colours, which is totally shown on this wonderfully clever page. I am a sucker for big, beautiful clusters and the ones here are amazing! The shadow work and the way that the foliage in the clusters feel like they are part of the photo. The glossy alpha is perfect for this page – is it me or does the shine of it make you think of a bug too?! Another wonderful example of pattern mixing and using a darker background so that all the bright colours grab you. The little details are great, the ant trails, the nets and the cute little cricket, just made me feel the fun of a bug hunt (although, honestly, I am never going on one..).

wvufan04 – Easy Peasy

A very routine flu-shot trip has been turned into a bold, fun page. I love the bright leaves and stamps and the fact that the brad and the heart pick up the mask colours from the photo, the heart is great and adds a bit of unexpected texture. I don’t use enough stamps/marks, this page has given me some great inspiration. It is also a great example of how using a darker background with some texture in it can lift a page and really make the bold elements shine.

Crazycat1126 – My Sunshine

This is just stunning! It’s so simple but so full of energy. I love how Cat has used the paint and it’s so perfectly blended into the background. The flower centre in the sun is amazing and so clever and just one of those little details that make a page. I don’t know why, but I really love chevrons and the patterned stitched ones here are great and draw your eye to the photo. I know that the background isn’t darker, but the subtle pattern and shades of blue ensure that the bright painty goodness leaps out at you and it ties in so well with the sunshine/sky theme.

Dodgeladee – 1905 Singer

I love this page so much. My first sewing machine was a 1950’s singer, very similar in style to this one! I love the framing of the photo, it feels like an embroidery hoop and the stitched fabric hearts just tie the whole sewing theme together. For me the mini ‘hoop’ around the close-up of the machine, with the beautiful flower cluster, made of different types of fabric is the most perfect detail, it’s so creative. The final clever and pretty touch is the chalkboard style background, look carefully and you’ll see a few crafty elements in there. Again using a darker background here makes the few bright elements (stitching and flowers) stand out.

I accidentally ended up with a ‘dark background’ theme, I hope you enjoyed this theme and these beautiful pages as much as I did. If you have time, please show these talented scrappers some love. I will be spending the rest of my day off today leisurely browsing through the galleries. See you next month.


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