Can you believe that we are nearing the end of April?   Sitting here, needing to run errands, but it’s raining a nice gently rain….. so instead of running errands, I browsing galleries and just listening to the rain fall.  The combination of the 2 with a cup coffee makes my soul happy! During my browsing travels,  I found some amazing pages.  I hope you enjoy my picks and are inspired by them as well!

042021IC-Whimsical by AnotherAmanda

He’s a thinker, he’s creative and he definitely has ideas.  This layout is super FUN and captures his imaginative and adventurous side so well. This layout makes me want to meet him and just ask him all about the many adventures and ideas that he has!  

17 by SeattleSheri

Huge fan of this artist’s designs.  Check out the blending of the black and white photo and the use of the paint behind the framed photo and those marvelous clusters.  So yeah, this is a guy page with a bunch of flowers on it, but this artist can ALWAYS pull off a magnificent guy page with flowers.

Your Things and Mine by Ann06

This definitely has all the feels.  I love how our artist is depicting the beauty of her husbands work tools right along hers.  She has so beautifully connected their two worlds of “art.”  Loving all the grunge and vintage vibes as well!

Jack Daniels Tour by Kjersti

Ok, so how fun is this?  Not only would this tour be fun (in my opinion), but check out this layout.  There’s even some Jack Daniels ephemera being used.  The photos are fantastic and then all the layers.  This layout has a lot happening here.  Lots of detail but it isn’t overwhelming.  It tells a story and it pulls me to investigate every nook and cranny of this layout. 

April 2021 My Spring Shoe Challenge by Tinisek Digiscrap

Stilettos. Purple Patent Leather. That’s like a dream come true.  Such a gorgeous piece of art that really highlights the beauty of this gorgeous shoe.  Look at the shadowing  for the shoe, that is fantastic. Did you notice the water color floral pattern that the shoe is sitting on? Or how about the  background, it looks like wallpaper! The floral embellishment clusters are the perfect touch!

Denim and Diamonds by Chaos Lounge

I think the title alone sums this next layout so nicely.   If you have a favorite pair of jeans, why not scrap about them.  They deserve to be recognized as well and then anything accented with some diamonds is just oooo la la.  Love the layering that is happening and the shadowing. That zipper element is just fantastic and I love how our artist has shown us the jeans from various different perspectives and reminding us that different perspectives can be scrapped equally as beautiful.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you can spare a moment, stop by and leave this amazing artists some love!


Until next time!

Esther xxxx



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