Hello again! Here I am, as usual, very late or very early, it is now 05:09 am of Friday. Happy Easter and Chag Sameag to everyone celebrating either. I’m delighted to come share with you some of the awesome talent from all over the galleries, which I am so, so grateful to be able to do… I confess that the uncertain state of most of the world worries me, so coming to roam the galleries to fill eyes and heart with talented beauty and heart felt stories is my best therapy right now! So, lets go for it, but just before we do, a gentle reminder….

You can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living… and now lets get inspired!

Painting Eggs by eyeore is (as she does) a master class. Starting by the choice of background paper with that dry paint texture, the super classy take on the template, choices of elements, and, of course, the beautiful capture of her daughter, the angle is perfection and all together, Stefanie here gives  movement to the page which I feel almost real, even the font is delicate, beautiful and the very subtle details like some paint splashes, the beads scatter…there is more and I could be here for days looking at this great page!!!

Another one of my most loved people, inspirational in so many ways, this is keepscrappin with a page she calls The Look. I’m already smiling and my heart fills with joy, there is so much here that makes it a superb standout, not sure where to start! Kayla’s beautiful daughter seems to be the right place to do so….  the capture of “the Look” is indeed an experience I think many of us who are mothers can recognize instantly, not just a gorgeous model and the  moment kept, the light of the photo and the split make a perfect composition, then we have  the amazing managing of the colors, those gorgeous poppies that, combined with the stamps (or brushes?) of old, magnificent architecture, give the gorgeous photo a marvelous base and one enhances the other, the perfect balance, and, here too, there is detail that calls for looking deeper and my heart sings louder!

Now this is sooooo my cup o tea!!!!  Ana Santos with NO Bad Pictures, such a fabulous, fun page, true statement too, and here also can’t think where to start! The wonderful extraction, the hilarious, perfect photo, the oversized word art, all made with an artsy feel with the background choice and some brushes, almost like looking at a movie poster or a glossy magazine advert!  Marvelous all over!!!!

Following with another major inspirational ladies, AmieN1 with her page, Spring Flowers. Everything is marvelous with Amie, always, and in this, I’m so amazed with the perspective illusion, the composition is delicate and in sync with that paper that feels embossed, love the art word for the title and how she kept the illusion not just with the perspective but also on the color with light, I can almost feel the warmth of that sun, the detail that lets us get a glimpse of her space with the corner photo … absolutely amazing!!!!

Easter Candy by Jennifer Fehr  (who just happened to be the talented designer who created these awesome pieces that make this equally awesome page) LOVE LOVE and love more the fact that she uses elements galore, if you know me, you know I am fascinated with them, and even more so when layered to perfection like is the case here. Every placement, every choice starting by the beautiful background, going through the cute overload of this sweet baby to the knitted bunny, brings us to the whole sensation of space created by her shadows, perfect layering,  the touch of music notes, all comes together is awesomeness!!!

Now we have Moments of Regret by Adryane, I am over the moon that she is not in the 7 days list and I came across a page of hers!!!! She has been for at least 8 years such an inspiration to me, her power to create evocative images, the elegance and talent to make every photo or subject into a master piece…. which happens here in the most beautiful way. The blend is incredible, those textures created with transfers and a minimal of elements, all look so real, I want to reach and touch! I can’t read the text, will come back with day light as I think it will enhance the page even more knowing the emotional content, or even her intention on creating it… plus she explains creative process for the page in the page description. Amazing all together!

Last but not least, I Will not Stress over Things  by Rollinchen. Another marvelously talented lady, I had not come across a page of hers in a long time so this makes me specially happy!  Love the big photo, the blend is so beautiful, and even with a negative big and spelled out, the feeling of hope and assertiveness is so very much present in this…. that gift , power that scrapbooking has and gives us, to turn difficult, hard, sad moments into such gorgeous art pieces. Beautiful and powerful , Great page!

Hope you get inspired by these as much as I do. I am now going to go make a coffee and come back to proof read, as my brain tricks me and my daughter is asleep,(she helps me with reading long paragraphs, which some neurological impairments make it difficult, other days impossible to read) please forgive if my grammar or typos escape my sight and half working brain LOL Thanks for sharing all your great art with us, ladies!!!!!

Please see the reminder in the beginning of the post, with just one click and a couple of words you have the power to make someone’s day today, by visiting their gallery and leaving just a few words!!!

Have an amazing weekend, take care, take precautions and please, please, do try get the vaccine, wherever in the world you are!

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 2nd –

  1. Thank you for including my page in your post and for all your kind words. A wonderful way to start my day!

  2. Oh Cynthia! You’ve made my day! You’re such a sweetheart and always spreading joy wherever you go! It means the world to me to hear you sing my praises… I’m blushing and honored to be mentioned with such an amazing group of scrappers! I have to give credit where credit is due, Lynn Grieveson’s paints inspired this layout and her templates and Just Jaimee’s kit with the painted poppies made it all come together in a way that I absolutely love. This is my favorite layout from April’s BYOC. Thanks again for blessing me and brightening my day!

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