Happy Saturday (at least where I’m located… lol). I have to say, after spending the past few weeks trying to get all our tax documents in order, browsing the galleries and looking at all these amazing layouts was just what my tax addled brain needed. Hope you enjoy my picks for the day.

Turtle by catgoddess

Normally when I scrap, I’m used to using very distinct borders.  I “think” that is what is needed to make a page pop.  Well, this layout just proved that theory wrong.  I love how the starfish doesn’t have the bold borders and how the layout is arranged in that starfish with the lovely sea turtle porthole cluster.  Such an awesome technique demonstrated here!  In addition, the soft colors of the background, make the sea turtle photo just pop!

vmd_kokomo by Olivia24

It’s no secret, I love blending and I love extractions.  (Clearly, my brain is already on the beach as I inadvertently have another water/beach layout to point out).  I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this layout.  From the joy on this little girl’s face to the fabulous blending and this amazing extraction, this just screams happiness.  The sailboat cluster is gorgeous and those fish swimming in the background even look happy.  So if your day is crazy and you need to escape real life for a moment, you may just want to hang out at this layout for minute.

Jocelyn Iris by Blackkl1545

Circle layouts are something that I struggle with so I’m always in awe when a fellow artist can create one that is simply stunning. This layout is a showstopper!  I love the monochromatic influence as it makes the pink/red just pop.  Take a look at that amazing black and white photo!  Let’s be honest, the real showstopper is little Ms. Jocelyn herself and we can tell that Grandma is definitely in love with this little girl….. this page just oozes of proud Grandma Love!

Birdsong by Anja_77

The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this gorgeous layout, was the music in the background. I love how it adds depth and subconsciously it anchors the page.  The use of our friend here with the blue hair is a bold choice.  This artist did a phenomenal job with her clustering to soften the boldness of the blue and pull it all together in this stunning layout.

Stained Glass by robinoes66

The sharp contrast in this layout just made it jump out at me.  I love the use of the dark background with the radiating red/white magic lights.  Take a look at that stained glass frame, how amazing is that?  This artist did an amazing job at capturing the beauty of the ice in the photo.

Spring is in the Air by alannabanana

This heavily textured background is softened beautifully with the paint. The photo is zoomed in to bring our attention to this beautiful little girl focused on the beauty of spring and is so perfectly accented with that gorgeous cluster.

Hope you enjoyed my fabulous picks for the day. If you have a moment, please leave some love for these amazing artists. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! See you next time and around the galleries.


2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing-April 3rd

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my page with these other talented an awesome artists! I am truly honored and yes, Grandma is so very proud of Jocelyn Iris. She is definitely her own person!

  2. How fantastic to have my page featured here. Congrats to all the amazing artists chosen as well Thanks so much Esther!! xo

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