Gooood morning everyone!  Deborrah (a/k/a divamom96) here today to spread some layout cheer with you.  I’m always interested to see what methods scrappers use for their layouts.  As I browsed the galleries and picked out layouts that stood out to me today, I found that the majority of them used different ways to highlight their photos other than frames.  From blending modes to extractions, each of my picks uses something other than a frame to highlight the photo.  I hope you enjoy this fun selection.

Bloom & Grow by SeattleSheri

This was one of the first layouts I found today.  I love her extracted branch, but the bokeh and lighting effects she used for the background really make it stand out!  Even her title glows!  The flower cluster and butterflies are a wonderful anchor for the design, and the poem she uses is the perfect journaling.  Great job!

Be Silly by Margje 

I laughed out loud when I saw this layout!  The creative blending here is wonderful!  I really like the photo effects she used on the photo to blend it into the background and frame.  (The green tint on the glasses is an AWESOME touch!)  Her painting and scattered elements bring the whole design together, and I like her quote on the T-shirt.  Just beautiful!

Plants are Friends by Renate

I love the dreamlike feel of this layout!!  The masking and blending modes used here are wonderful – look at all the depth of color on the photo.  But what really makes this a stand-out is the use of stickers and border elements with an artsy blended photo!  She managed to take two very different styles and put them together in a beautiful way.  Just gorgeous!

à bicyclette by myla

This layout uses blending in an even different way!  Her mask is so geometric and modern, and the blue-and-white-striped strips around the layout helps emphasize that modern feel.  I love her modern brushwork and minimal use of elements here – she lets the photo and striping have center stage.  Fabulous!

Burgoning by Zanthia

Wow! Look at all this gorgeous color!!!  That’s what first drew me to this layout; but check out that double blending!!!  I really like how she mirrored her photo blending one into the frame and the other into the paper.  Her choice of elements are perfect – just enough to anchor the photo without taking away from the overall layout.  Outstanding!

Creative Photo Editing Challenge by Nobles

Lastly, I bring you this adorable layout.  I adore this artsy style, with blended elements and transfers, but what made this one a stand out is the creative photo effect she used on her subject.  I don’t know what the original photo looked like, but this idea opens up a whole world of possibility for photos I’m sure you might want to use, but they are just slightly out of focus.  Think of layouts you can create now!  Wonderful!

That’s it for today!  I hope you enjoyed my picks – may they inspire you to spend your weekend creating your own fabulous layouts.  Happy scrapping!

3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 9th

  1. Deborrah, thank you SOOOOOO much, you totally made my day/weekend/week!! I love all of your picks!

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