Well hello there!!

It has been a while for me! A lot has happened since I was last here! I managed to go to London and see my friends and family, it was super emotional (I cry at EVERYTHING). AND now Hubby and I are in the midst of the chaotic hell on wheels that is us packing up our apartment for our move to Tampa – EEEP and YAY all at once.

During this busy period, I have found the galleries and my digi friends a great source of comfort and inspiration.

Umyesh – Braids

This just leapt out at me! Firstly I am a huge pattern mixing fan and so I love the mix here. Also, doesn’t the template just look like braids to you?! I love that trick of the eye! I also love the large eye-catching title and the fact that the full-length photo is b&W. Another fave thing of mine, is use of a dark background and it’s great here, that it’s a dark textured grey, making all the colours pop.

Amandaresende – This is Who I am

I love a celebration of ‘me’ layout. As scrappers sometimes we are so busy celebrating our people that we forget about ourselves!! I love absolutely everything about this, the messy painty stack is wonderful. I love that the bulk of the layout is b&w with all the little elements and some of the paint adding little pops of colour. I really love the use of all the different bits of wordart, I really would love to be able to do this and have it not look like I tried too hard, here it looks and feels effortless (obviously it wasn’t..).

Romajo – I Sure Do Love You

The soft, gentle feel of this page really spoke to me. I love the colour palette. Again another wonderful use of multiple pieces of wordart, they complement each other so well. I am also a big fan of a mini cluster, it has added so much detail to this page, but in a really small space, which I love. The happy Dad & Daughter photo just made me glad that I recently got to spend a lot of qt with my Dad, who I sure do love.

Sylvia – Today

I am a HUGE fan of Sylvia’s work. Her clean elegant style always serves as great inspiration for me and I love just scrolling through her galleries. This page made me smile – the joy at being at school in the photo – I do believe that was me when I was a child! It is purely accidental, but the majority of my chosen layouts today appear to have an abundance of wordart, perfectly used to complement each other. The way Sylvia has used them here is perfection and I love that teeny tiny little school bus brad anchoring that top left cluster! The circle wordart and paint, really finish of this page nicely and the subtlely striped background was a great choice.

Eve11ne – Sweet Smiles

This page was so appropriately named! It made me smile the instant I saw it. I love the layering here and all the glorious pattern mixing and AGAIN me and my love of multiple pieces of wordart – I promise it has all been accidental. I love the bright happy colour palette, toned done with some softer colours. The thing that caught my eye was all the little elements scattered throughout, the camera, heart, star to name a few, they are perfect and suit the happy smiley theme of the page. Can we also just take a moment to rejoice in the scatter at the bottom of the page – it’s a thing of joy for me!

Cathquillscrap – Happy Camping

I am not a camper, but I can appreciate the joy of getting to go on vacation again! And I love that Cath’s page feels so outdoorsy. I love that she has blended out a piece of scripty paper to add a little accent to her page. The central clustering of the photo, elements and journaling is really lovely and makes the page feel so fresh and clean. Another wonderful example of pattern mixing going on here and I love it.

Thanks for joining me this time, please show these talented scrappers some love and take some time to browse through the galleries. I’ll be back next month FROM TAMPA!! WHOOP. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Claire x

3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – Aug 7th

  1. Thanks so much for picking (again) one of my pages. I’m always honoured (and surprised) when it happens. Love from the Netherlands. Good luck on your move!

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