Hello again, my friends! Susan here with another batch of amazing pages to share with you today! I don’t know about you, but summer isn’t my favorite time of the year. I live in the desert, so it’s over 100 every day. I cannot wait for fall and its cozy sweaters and beautiful fall colors. When the seasons change, I am so happy to scrap with fall kits! It’s almost here!!!

Mother Bear – My Best Friend

Ohhhh the autumn colors are coming!! I cannot pass up a doggy, let alone a beagle!!  Mother Bear brings us this absolutely adorable page commemorating an equally adorable doggy! I love the circle around the photos, and that fabulous photo of him/her swimming in the middle. That IS pure joy!  The flower piles are beautifully shadowed and I love the interesting textured background.

Zotova – So Happy

I was surfing over at The Lily Pad and this artistic page caught my attention. I wasn’t sure if it was a hybrid page or not. That tulle skirt looked so real! I loved how she showed the small piece of the beautiful wedding dress, and accented it with that wonderful paint frame. The use of the tulle, the flower, and the foliage with the sketched body was so ingenious! What a fabulous page!!!

BCGal00 – Beach Explorer

BCGal really knocked it out of the park with this one. That fantabulous photo of the bird on a limb is framed perfectly by the flower clusters. The picture of Orchard Park in the middle and backed by the paint is so perfect. I couldn’t think of a better way to scrap this wonderful picture.

Anke – You Captured My Heart

I told you that I could not pass up a doggie!!!!! I think what first caught my attention was the diamond shape of the photos up top. The beautiful transfer underneath is a perfect color and the name is just too perfect. Dogs sure do capture our hearts!!  Then I looked deeper and that little cluster with the adorable little deer was just perfect. The dotted line showing the path of the butterfly helped to tie the entire page together!

Blackkl1545 – New York

I think this is actually one of the most beautiful pages I’ve seen of the Statue of Liberty! I love the paint being subtle behind everything and the words being used as texture. Using photo strips to show the skyscrapers is ingenious as well! I’m really taken by this most artsy page!

Neverland Scraps – Brother Sister Love

Where do I start with this one??? I was intrigued enough to click in when I saw the view master slide and the map background because I wondered if it would be a travel page.  Once I looked closer, I was amazed at how many little pieces and elements she has on this page!! The shadowing is amazing, and the layering looks so very realistic! Even though there is a lot going on around it, it still doesn’t take away from the wonderful picture!

So, there you have it! Another installment of Gallery Standouts!! Have an amazing day, and

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