Woohoo!! Happy Friday,  y’all!! It sure does seem like December is flying by and I’m not ready for it!! I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a busy weekend ahead getting caught up on wrapping and finalizing Christmas things. It’s also my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday, so add that in to the craziness!! I’m glad I’ve had some time this evening to unwind and wander through the galleries! I hope you enjoy my picks for today!!

Merry Christmas by RJMJ
Just wow!! How about some absolutely amazing cluster work to start us off! I keep looking at this gorgeous page and finding more beautiful elements! I love the traditional red and green with pops of gold throughout! This is so creative and beautifully executed!


Day 7 – Border by FloridaGranny
What a gorgeous photo and I am absolutely in love with that border cluster! The greenery, elements, and flowers are just perfectly placed and I love how the smaller cluster creates such lovely balance! This is such a pretty page!!


Farmhouse Christmas by snowjewel
I really adore that bold beautiful background paper and how she used it so perfectly with her photos! I love the different shaped paper layers and the how the spritz of paint helps everything pop! Such gorgeous cluster work as well! This is a really lovely page!


White Chocolate by sylvia
This one popped out at me immediately in the gallery! Absolutely beautiful use of the different angled paper pieces and I adore the simple sweet elements. This is such a fabulous clean and simple page, I adore everything about it!!


Smile by keepscrappin
What gorgeous photo and, wowzers, that is some stunning cluster work!! I love the striped background paper and how she was able to include so many different and beautiful elements! Everything flows and works together so perfectly!! Amazing work!


Feels Like Christmas by Leablahblah
Another WOW from me on this one!! What an amazing page!! First of all, I adore her use of the different patterned papers and how cool are all the hanging bits and photos! I love all the pops of color and her fabulous shadow work!! This is so creative and so so gorgeous!!


And that will do it for me for today! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – December 10th

  1. What a great surprise and honor to have my layout showcased with such an amazing group of scrappers! Thanks so much!

  2. What An Amazing! Surprise!…Thank You! So Much Jan!!!…Made My Day!…Happy Holidays! To You & Yours!!!…Hearts Rhonda…

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