Hey there everyone!

Can you believe that this is my last GSO post for the year!! How quickly has 2021 gone? I hope that it has been a better year for you all, it has been a really good year for me and mine and I’m still basking in the joy that was going home to London and hugging my parents.

alinalove – 2021

This just leapt out at me! Such a pretty way to capture all that 2021 meant to her on one page. I love the messy stitching and the little elements and clusters here and there. The muted colour palette makes me lean into the photos. And I love the stamped title, perfect.

eve11ne – Ho Ho Ho

I love everything about this, the awesome fun photo and the most amazing cluster ever! So jam-packed full of Christmas goodies, I can’t stop looking at it and there are so many things to find. It must have taken Eve ages to create and I love how the tree anchors everything and it feels like the elements are part of the tree. I haven’t stopped smiling since I saw this.

HeatherH – Snow Fun

I’m a big fan of fancy backgrounds! I love what Heather has done here, candy cane stripes but with the blue snowflake paper to suit her theme instead. Love that. The scattered elements and that big title are wonderful and I really like all the little pieces of tape anchoring the elements.

Angels – Night Before

Being a cat momma, this totally leapt out at me LOL. Christmas Trees seem to encourage naughty cat behaviour. I love how nestled into the tree he or she is! I love the giant cluster with the Elf legs showing, so fun, totally fits the theme of naughtiness! I like the fact that this very Christmassy layout has a lot of black and white in there too, giving it a modern twist on the Christmas colours.

Brenda Roberts – Remember this Forever

This is just stunning! I love the use of the black background, making that gorgeous flowing cluster just pop off of the page. The glittery elements, mixed with pink and blue elements are wonderful and full of so much detail, perfect colour choices for the super cute photo. The little bit of white paint behind the photo just brings it alive even more.

mrivas – Happy New Year

The photo grabbed my attention, so happy and full of joy I love it! The page is stunning, love the palette of gold, cream and black, used in a variety of tones. The glittery title is fabulous and perfect for a New Year page. I love the little squares secured with all that messy stitching. The little splatters of paint are perfectly placed beside the bigger card and photo. The whole thing just makes me happy!

That’s all from me today. I do hope you will go and show these talented scrappers some love. And have a look through the galleries, they are alive with joy right now, I guess the Christmas season does that to us all!

See you in 2022, be safe, well and enjoy the time you get to spend with your loved ones.

Claire x


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