Good Morning Scrap-land!!! I hope this morning finds you cozy, warm, and ready to see some gorgeous pages! I have been really enjoying all of the galleries as they are filled with the cutest pictures of Christmases past, and Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I have my tree ready to decorate and our creché is out.  I am hopeful that this year will be much better than the last two years as we get back to normal. Let’s talk about a few pages here!!!

As always, if you would, take some time, click through either the title or the photo, and leave some love for our artists!

First up is this beautiful piece of art!

Ana Santos “The Magic of Christmas”


I was drawn to the wonderful watercolor effect on the page, and that fabulous picture turned to a painting! Her title is wonderful and the blending and shadowing is amazing! I can almost smell the hot chocolate she MUST be drinking!

Staying with the Christmas theme:

Maggie Mae “Radio Flyer”

I was completely entranced by the nostalgic goodness of this page. I had a radio flyer wagon when I was little so that helped me to feel this most wonderful moment in their lives. There is so much visual interest in this page – from old-fashioned ephemera to the photo, to the little holly berries and paint splashes in the back, this page is top-notch!

This next one is so bold and bright!

Seattle Sheri  “Thankful” 

The bold contrast of the dark green and the gold ornaments and flowers is amazing! I have always been in awe of Sheri’s shadowing talent! There are so many beautiful elements used, but they don’t take over the photo and the memory! I love the sparkly background too!!

TrishD “This Life”

I think sometimes that I am drawn to the pages that show techniques that I wish I knew how to do! I have never been able to perfect or even slightly accomplish the watercolor/painting blending and backgrounds! I just look at the blended watercolor background and am amazed at her talent. I love how she uses the rectangles to bring attention to the main elements of the page.

We’re still in a Christmas mood, and this one is just TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Lisa Campbell “Not Amused”

I could not pass up this adorable page! The picture of her cat is just perfect for the title. I have a few ‘not amused’ photos of our dogs, but this cat really has the face down perfectly!!!! I love that she used old-fashioned colors and prints and surrounded this unhappy cat with happy beautiful elements. What a juxtaposition – and it works “purr” fectly!!!

And our last Christmas page is this beauty!

Iowan “2021 This Had to be the Best Christmas”

This fun little page by Iowan is full of layery goodness!! It looks like they had a lot of fun taking their family Christmas card. She has done so well with the pile of elements on the left side. I thought her use of a stitched-down border to contain her journaling was so perfect – and the little stapled tag is a wonderful addition.

We’re heading to warmer weather for our last page!

Katell “A World of Wonder”

I’m not exactly sure where they are as I don’t read French (I think). It looks like it might be Egypt as I see a little sphinx! I love the way she used a drop cap for her journaling and a smaller title that didn’t take away from the photos. The blending of the photo of the building is perfect and I like how she used just enough elements without muddying up the vacation photos!

And oops – I picked 7 today! Oh well – sometimes it’s really hard to cut down the choices!!!

And here’s where our tour ends for the day! Have a wonderful week, and be kind! Life is hard lately!

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