It’s been a tad more mild here today after the baltic winds of last week so I’ve been able to get out for my walk along the coast this afternoon which helps keep me sane while I’m working (rather isolated) from home. My walk makes me feel more human during these crazy times and it certainly gives me a much needed break from sitting in front of my work laptop! Feeling refreshed, I enjoyed my trip into the galleries afterwards and here’s some fine pieces of work that I found…

Black and white pages always capture my attention and I love the mix of paint splatters and threads that form the base of Hope by ajm. The crop of the photo provides intrigue while the crumpled backdrop adds texture. All in all, an amazing piece of art!

Staying on the topic of Hope for a moment is Life’s Little Hopes by Mrsdudds. The journaling here is a wonderful snapshot of life as it really is right now for a lot of us and I love the notepaper that appears to be casually torn from a notebook. Pretty pops of colour add interest and the scattered confetti adds a playful touch. Fabulous!

Today I Will Give Thanks by digigrandma is so beautiful with its soft, muted tones and peaceful scene. I love how the subject of the photo is framed while the pretty piece of foliage beneath the title work adds an elegant touch. So very relaxing and so very wall worthy!

Using non traditional colours on pages can be pretty difficult to pull off but Ernie88 has done a grand job of using pink on this boy page entitled It All Begins With You. I love how the coloured word art and photo clip add contrast while the torn edges are perfectly shadowed to add depth. Awesome!

A black and white image with splashes of colour is always a winning combination and I love the unusual framing used on 15 Mois by Ga_L. A terrific mix of brush work and the shadowed borders top and bottom make for a very interesting page while a dash of cuteness goes a long way too! Adorable!

Rounding off today’s post is Live for Today by Mother Bear. I love the page design and the element mix is divine with the dainty floral clusters and assorted word strips and brushwork. There’s so much eye candy on this carefree, feel-good page, I absolutely love it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and that they inspire you to tell a story of your own. When you get a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they will appreciate it. Till next time, take care, stay safe and I’ll see you in the galleries!

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