Hello Hello!!!! Here I am, on a Wednesday and early (rare occurrence for me) still trying to recover from 2 episodes that could have resulted in a heart attack, just my “luck” that I am so unwell in general that I have a direct line to the Cardio Nurses Home Team….. anyway, the way the world is, I am quiet sure you do NOT need me complaining about my health…instead, I ll tell you a couple of things that make me happy and hopeful (ish) One is that I got a letter to book the vaccine for my carer and for myself, the other that, after quiet a while of very little time on screen, I was live with some of you guys on chat and the communities in our industry have that power of giving love that is overwhelming in the most beautiful way.  But, again, you do NOT want me talking about me…so here are some extraordinary talents for you to get inspired!

Remember : you can get to the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the page and author, it will open in another window or tab, please take a minute or two to leave them some love, we all know how good it feels and how much it can change a gray day into a brighter one!!!!

Gonna start with a fabulous page by littlekiwi she calls Blah. The sentiment of the page is one that, I am sure, most of us have been feeling in the past year or so, and the com position, the magnificent management of the color yellow (which is extremely difficult to me) the shadows, the subtle texture to the background…everything here is so beautifully put together!!! One of those marvelous things scrapbooking has, the being able to turn not so good feelings or kind of ugly events into the most beautiful pieces of art. Hope things get better soon, Jennifer, awesome page!!!!

Next is a gorgeous hybrid on travelers notebook’s format by Annsofie called My Tribe.  Love this so much! the photo is great, full of happiness, awesome smiles, and the bits spread on the next side so beautifully put together, it also just gives me an idea for  my own TN’s, I love handwritten journal but I tend to fill the page with elements, in this case one can always add some journaling in between or simply leaving it as it is , already full of beauty, keeping a happy memory in the most amazing way!

Then we come across this young lady that each and every time makes me go wOw: Trish with 1+1 = US, a gorgeous take on a gorgeous template, it amazes me how wonderfully the patterned background works with everything on the page, it is one of the things I keep trying to get over, the use of patterns, and Trish does it masterfully. The superb play of colors with the red in the photos, the different lights coming from each of them and great embellishing, with special emphasis in the paints on both sides, adding a striking detail in combo with the metal….brilliant page all together!!!!

Following the line of making beauty of black and white is this great page by Fioontje, 15 years Then & Now.  Love the two photos, the fact that the text is so well reflected in them, the amazing composition that shines with perfection, regardless the shinning of the kit’s elements, the page has it’s own shine from the photos to the light, the combination of papers, so beautifully worked through the template, the fact that the whites are off white and the superb sparkle here and there, those clusters  and shadows….absolutely wonderful!!!!

I knew I should NOT have come close to this page, now I am desperate for chocolate… but how can I resist a page by Dalis, even more so, one she calls All The Feels? And she is so right….  I think this -the milk and chocolate, the celebration of love, even when we are sad for love the idea of warm hot chocolate (and even more so something like THIS!!!!) is appealing… all the feels go inside this heart indeed!!! LOVE the cut out heart, the gorgeous elements used to enhance, the paint sprinkled background goes with the feel of the hand drawn elements that are such cute addition….everything here is total sweetness!!!!

Last but not least,  is this amazingly cute, beautiful and superbly worked page by Scrap-therapy called Best Wishes. I love always the way she documents their life, her kids are full of sweetness and their happy faces always make for brilliant enjoyment of each and every page, and the awesome work she always puts into her pages is shown here in such amazing way: the balloons were added to the background by her, and if you look at the credits’ list you would be as amazed as I am…. this is pretty much the way I love scrapping my own pages….as much as I find the blank space elegant and marvelous, the scrapping part for me is the joy of making all those elements  come together and she has done so, so well here!!!! Beautiful, dimensional shadows with a colorful happiness that is then taken to the photo, a marvelous title and the flowers, framing the photo and sealing all that happy feelings…more cake and cup cakes… I see I wont be able to sleep unless I do a trip to my kitchen to sort something out to fill this craving! LOL

This is all from me today, will be with you all again soon! Hope you enjoy and get inspired by these awesome creatives as much as I do!!!!! Please remember the reminder, especially in times like this, take a minute or two to praise these amazing talent!!!! TFL!!!




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  1. I just can’t believe my eyes… Thank you, Thank you so much for featured my layout. I just feel so honored you choose my layout and you can’t guess how much it means for me. I know it makes me want to scrap more. From bottom of my heart, Thank you again!

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