Goodness, it seems like this year is just flying by!!! It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be March!!! February was a month full of “stuff” from topsy-turvy weather to getting COVID vaccines. And, imagine my surprise when I was working on the March calendar and saw that the time is going to change in two weeks!!! I’m so excited about that. . .I love the extra hour at the end of the day!!!

I spent some time going through the galleries this morning and saw so many great layouts!!! When I visit the galleries, I always find inspiration and now I can hardly wait to get started scrapping later today!!! So, here are my picks for today. . .

First up we have Happiness Everyday by magnolia. I absolutely love this adorable page. The photo treatment is excellent and the perfect choice for the grungy tone of the page!!! Well done!!!

And how about Little Boo says Boo by Jill. Pet pages always make me smile. This one just grabbed my eye because of the spots!!! And that blue and grey color combination is spectacular!!! So cute!!!

Next up is Sweetheart by Mother Bear. This page just exudes happiness!!! Absolutely LOVE the sweet pastels used throughout. They work so well, with those adorable photos!!! Mother Bear’s pages always make my heart sing!!!

Then there is Sweet Bee by LisaMT. On my word, this page is just too cute!!! Love the colors and that photo is super sweet!!! Just couldn’t pass this one up!!!

Another great page is Among The Flowers by Olivia24. Can you believe it, another pet page!!! I love the balance this page affords. The cluster work around the photo reminds me of a spring flower garden while the cluster in the corner is the perfect offset!!! So pretty!!!

Last but not least we have Love by Beth. While the template provides a great starting point, everything comes together so well with this page!!! I love the color combination!!! The black and white just seems to tie the teal and pink together so well!!! And the slices on the photo are perfectly positioned!!! Such a FUN page!!!

And those are my picks for today. Thanks for spending a few minutes here and if you have a chance take a look through a gallery or two and find your favs!!! There are so many different scrapping styles, you never know what you might find!!!

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