Hello everyone ! Gaelle is here for a new Gallery Standouts post today.


I love browsing galleries to find some inspiration and beauties.


So here are my picks for today :


Rachel Jefferies February Challenge by Annsofie


This first page exudes a lot of love. From the photo of course, but also from the colours, the words, the quotation. Every tiny detail reminds us of the small attentions that can be made in a couple.


15A by marnel


What a lovely birthday memory. The colour combo is very soft and this balloon cut is just great. The shadows are very well worked. The contrast between the blue combo and the black and white photos is perfect.


This year… by Saar


After the blue combo, the white combo. It’s quite difficult to make a page in the same tones, especially white. You have to adjust the shadows well so that they bring out the elements and keep the spirit of white. The exercise is very successful on this page and the background work is great.


What Love Looks Like by SarahShades


In this fourth page, the theme of love is still present with a soft colour combo. The use of empty space allows our eye to focus on the photo and the tenderness that emanates from it.


Junk Journal Challenge heart booklet by Oldenmeade


This fifth page that is hybrid caught my eye with these colours that give a vintage look to the layout. The heart cut-outs and superimpositions are very successful. A nice notebook in the making…


Wild child by angels


This last page is very contrasted and that is what makes it interesting. The colours are rather soft and they make a great contrast with the energy that comes out of the photos. The shadows are very well worked which gives a nice volume to the cluster.



I hope you like my picks. I wish you a great scrapping day and take care of yourself 😉


3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 2nd

  1. Thank you so so so much Gaële. What a wonderful surprise. I didn’t expect this at all… but I really appreciate you picked my layout to showcase.

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