“The only person I need to compare myself to is my yesterday self.” – A. S.

…which is lucky for me because yesterday I was a hot mess! I brewed myself a nice hot cup of Keurig coffee without using a cup. (The handy drip catcher does not hold a full cup of coffee, an obvious design flaw.) I backed into my recycling bin (again). I realized half-way through a library board meeting that I was wearing my “inside shoes”. And someone in the grocery store called me sir even though I was wearing my shiny rose-pink puffer jacket. (To be fair, I was wearing a mask and ugly, yet very comfortable, “inside shoes”.) I have no where to go but up! And what better way to start my new day than finding a little inspiration in the galleries…

Shine by Sheana

I’m really loving seeing gold on pages in the galleries right now, and my first page is a great example! All those stamps, paints, and scatters are just so pretty.  I really like the polaroid frame and that awesome journal card. She finished her page off perfectly with bits of thread, a tiny tag, and that lovely crochet doily.


11.16.19 by lauriezyskind

Not gonna lie, the large wine glass caught my eye here. Then I noticed the lovely little details, the scribbles, paint, and stamps, the different photo borders, the fun journal card. I love the colors, the navy blue and gold accent the merlot (or maybe pinot noir) color beautifully.


Armchair Traveler by MaggieMae

Another page with a great color scheme. You can almost feel the crisp winter air with all the white and blue. And the pops of red are perfect. I love the filmstrip frame and the ticket, nice travel touches. It’s so pretty how she layered the page over the blue watercolor background. Such a wonderful layout!


Fresh Air by Romajo

Where my last choice was perfect in its cool crispness, my next pick is overflowing with warm colors and elements. I love the bit of lace tucked in and those fun boot prints on the slice of wood. Her photos are so fun layered with all the different pattern papers. So much to explore!


Hot Wheels by Tedasgram

Fantastic use of playful circles in this fun boy page. I love the mix of gear stamps and ellies. Notice the tiny car charms. The almost solid background is a great canvas for the  watery paint mask. Love the tire frames… cool page!


Better Things are Coming by CaroR

Fabulous page… so creative! The white text and stamps are so impressive against the dark background. I love love love how she fit the photo and whimsical doodle together. The simple stitching framing the black and white photo adds nice bit of texture. Gorgeous!


So there you have it, stop by these pages if you have a minute and spread a little goodness. And remember if you’re feeling like a bit of a hot mess today, there’s always tomorrow. (And wine, wine helps too…)

~ AmaneseFe

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