Hello everyone ! Gaelle is here for a new Gallery Standouts post today.


It’s my first post of this new year. I wish you a Happy New for you and your family. I wish you a wonderful creative year.

I love browsing galleries to find some inspiration and beauties.


So here are my picks for today :


MOC9-day-12-diary by Bec

This first page represents a digital diary. The details are numerous and very well placed. The shadows are also well worked out which gives the impression that this diary is on the table in front of me. This is really impressive.


January 2021 Passport to Hope: Square 16 Pop Culture by jaye

The minimalist palette of this page gives it a special dimension especially with this black and gold. It is very elegant yet festive. A nice way to start the new year.


Looking for snow by veer

The next project takes us to a completely different world: to the snow. The photos are beautiful and the design is very well chosen to show a multitude of shots. The few artsy elements give the impression that a bit of snow has just been put on the photos. Very creative.


Snow day by ninigoesdigi

We stay in the snow with this fourth page. Because yes, we also have to clear the roads of snow. And these photos of everyday life are really good to remember this moment which can be rare depending on where you live. What jumps out at you afterwards is the harmony of the colours. To succeed in associating the colours of the papers and elements with the colour of the trousers is great.


A Year to Erase by Ana Santos

This fifth page attempts to close the chapter of the year 2020 which has been very special for everyone. The photo treatment is really well done and these two people holding hands is a message of hope for the future.


Rain rain by Cindy Taylor

The work on the title of this last page is really successful. The mixture of the words sticker and stamp is very successful and the message is accentuated by the use of the sewing elements.



I hope you like my picks. I wish you a great scrapping day and take care of yourself πŸ˜‰


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