Good evening, my friends…  Heidi Nicole here on a cold, frosty evening in Kentucky.  It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the states, a day to reflect and take action on civil rights issues across the globe.  The observance of Dr. King’s day feels incredibly relevant this year… more so than recent years.  As we join in celebrating today, I feel hope for our nation and communities… and that hope is so good for my soul.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  -MLK Jr.

Now onto some beautifully creative inspiration… which is something else that is so good for my soul…

Create by chastml

This is such a great, creative page!  The irony that it is designed around the word CREATE doesn’t escape me.  I love the bright, fun colors that seem to balance the white space.  The bright striped paper on the top and bottom really balance the design and add such a wonderful detail.  I especially love all the bits and bobs around the title.  The more I look at it, the bigger my smile gets!

MOC-9-January-18-Combine-two-templates by PaperWings

This is such a fun layout!  The first thing that caught my eye was the bright rainbow colors… as I kept looking at all the details, I was in awe!  Those photos are filled with just the perfect happiness for a page like this.  The bright flowers add so much texture and depth… and the patterned paper is absolutely perfect!

Warmest Regards MOC18 by amien1

This lovely page is full of Christmas cheer… and that’s good for the soul all.year.long!  I love the horizontal flow of the page, and the details on the top and bottom add delightful balance.  I really love the light colored paint splatters on the dark background paper.  All the sweet little details and elements on this piece of art come together to make an absolute standout.  Makes my heart warm!

Frosty Morning by AZK

This beautiful piece of art stopped me in my tracks…  the way that photo fades and blends into the paper is absolutely professional.  The small details of the hexagons are the perfect addition to the simplicity and intricacy of the page…  and all the elements are shadowed to perfection.  You can just feel the frostiness of the page, which is sometimes such a hard thing to create, but she did an outstanding job!  It’s just such a gorgeous work of art!

me by Annemiekkok

This is such a fun and artistic page!  The bright colors, the clusters, the layers, the shadows, and the photos culminate in a wonderfully artsy piece.  I love the use of black and white photos, as well as using several photos.  The unique elements that are layered are inspiring.  The title tops off the page perfectly.  A beautiful art journaling page!

CLICK by Sokee

There is so much awesomeness in this piece… every beautifully shadowed layer has a little gift to give.  The Ink splatters lend a grungy feel, and the black and whites with pops of color is always a winner.  I love that she used tons of paper and only a few elements…  inspiring for sure.  The paper strip title is the icing of the proverbial cake!  Love it!

There are so many beautiful pieces in the galleries right now… it’s hard not to smile and feel that little flutter of creative inspiration…  It’s a bright light in our lives and we are so blessed to have our galleries and communities.  Thank you all for being there.

Please don’t forget to leave some love on these pages… we all need a little love now and then.  <3

Many blessings.  Be kind.  Stay safe.


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