Hello again!! My first post of 2021 (and to think that when 2001 Space Odyssey came out in the cinemas, I thought that was such a distant future!!!) Hope everyone has been and is doing as well as one can be in these troubled times. I haven’t been very well, especially these past couple of weeks, so I’m gonna try make it brief, even though, I know, I always say that and end up writing a 300 pages book….LOL but will try my very best, the galleries are shinning with so much talent, keeping it simple and down to just a few pages is a hard task…but here are some of them, hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

Gonna start with This is Us by cfile, which was a difficult choice in the sense that every page of hers is a brilliant one, I think this one got me not just because I love the show, the whole composition is a show case of perfection, the combination of different designers and still the look is harmonious, the different textures, the wonderful way in which the scan card of the template is so very well translated, the artsy feeling in the background enhanced by doodles and two bits of journaling with different, amazing fonts, everything is, as usual with Christa, a master class!!!!

Following with another superb lady, silent ranks with MOC 2021 Day 17- Acrostic Challenge. Love the alpha, the wonderful choice of making the word be the focus, the amazing little bits layered, the hopeful, beautiful use of the words… Love the way Kate can bring the page into a show of perfection, the little details that make the difference, all made even more amazing with first class quality shadows, pure awesome!!!

Next is ScrappyHappy82 with Ding Ding, in one of those blessed situations that our hobby brings us: transforming a not so good (sometimes right ugly) things into the most beautiful pages for our memory keep…in here things are transformed not just by images and  the array of paints and little bits, but also honest journaling, keeping the balance and elegance. Love how the thing turns into a cathartic process on putting it all out, a little annoyance that, especially in the times we live, can turn into a stressful time… and at the same time the keeping it in record so those feelings can paint a picture for next generations to come, and here this is done to perfection! amazing all over!!!!

Another super awesome example of that transformation, and one I know well, is Jan 20. Photography Challenge by jaye.  The photos are magical almost, which, trust me, I know is extremely difficult to achieve when one’s subject is one’s medication…. but Jaye as usual has turned this into  marvel in black and white!!!! The perfection extends to choosing elements and shadows, everything here is fabulous (not the reason behind it, though) Absolute elegance!

Now, I SWEAR I don’t go out looking for her pages….but the timing happens that I see Jo’s pages more often than I see other of our colleagues here… and I just couldn’t pass this one…!!! This is cutiejo1 with Reach for the Stars. That amazing smile, those eyes and the beyond perfection extraction, so perfectly done! And then there are clouds! lots of them! (my most favorite element!) the addition of gold elements bring even more shine, the combination of the real and the magical seem to come together in this gorgeous blend!

Next is Explore by Ponytails. This is the first time I come across her pages, and I am amazed at the huge skills on this one! Most of you know I love a full page…now, filling up a page isn’t easy, especially not with this amount of photos and using every spot for a photo and leave behind pocket/journal cards…the perfection in the photos and the placement choosing here is absolute delight, as is every other little bit of the page, the choosing of wood texture for the framing and title, the gorgeous clusters and the beautiful kitchen elements, it seems that this lady and I have a lot in common, I am smiling here because I just leaned over to look at the journaling and the little girl shares the name with my “little girl” (who will be 25 next month!) and my little one also had the time of her life in the kitchen with all sorts of pots and pans and Tupperware!!! If this little one turns to be like mine, she will also be a fine young lady who loves to cook! And now I am in love with those kitchen elements!!!! Gorgeous page, fabulous talent!!!!

Another amazing talent, this one I have brought here before, is Stormchaser with Winter Fun. I am always with the same feeling when I come across her pages…. the beauty of her and her family is such a pleasure, not just beautiful people, but always the most amazing smiles, beautiful people who would be brilliant placed in a glossy magazine….and in this page the combination of that beauty (which I can feel isn’t just external beauty! trust me, I am old, and I know these things!) so the combo of that beauty, the colorful happiness of the clothing and the colorful way in which she chose to scrap the page, the kit of choice, awesome  clusters, absolutely fabulous shadows… all together keeps this young lady in my favorite people’s list!

Last but not least,  is this awesome page by an awesome lady, one that was one of the most amazing LO artist and friend in the community where I started scrapping in main stream sites with a store, the extinct Gotta Pixel, one that was part of the one place we made an amazing community and then we lost touch for almost 10 years, and we came together again in another community this year, one of the silver linings that the horrid pandemic brought me, is bienejen with Celebrate.  She was an outstanding scrapper 10 years ago and she is still shining in the galleries, have a look at hers if you have time for more, but I thought I should highlight this, even though we don’t like getting much into the political issues in our industry, I think I can, with a lot of love, not just highlight Jenn’s amazing gallery and talent, but congratulate the USA for a win for democracy and wishing you all the best, a hopeful tomorrow, a hopeful future for ALL the country, one blessed with so much talent and so many awesome people that are part of my heart. As usual, she has composed with talent and perfection, love all the front pages news, the beautiful colors and the festive feeling of the elements, gorgeous shadows…everything feels like victory and happiness. Congrats, lets hope together for the future of the entire world 🙂

This is all from me tonight. Hope you enjoyed and feel inspired by these awesome talents, so, once again… Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!



7 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – January 22nd-

  1. Thank you so much Cynthia for choosing my page. I am so humbled by your sweet words, and happy to wake up to see this! Thank you so very much.. so lovely to share the spotlight with so many amazing pages!

    1. I tell you, of I was to write about all the admiration and gratefulness I have for you, I should show case your whole gallery!!!!!!! so SO glad none had picked you in the past week, so I could have the honor!!!!!!! <3 Love you, my friend, sister,so so much!!!!!!!! <3

  2. Such a nice surprise to wake up to. Thank you for the shout out, Cynthia! I’m blessed beyond measure to share today’s stage with some beautiful artists.

    1. honestly,Jo, I swear I do not go out of my way to find you, I just cannot resist a page of yours,…and the extraction!!!!!! you are one awesome talent!!!!!! <3

  3. Oh Cynthia, this is like an early birthday present! Thank you so much for your kind words and selecting my page! I’ve always admired you and your layouts so this is really the highest praise! I do hope you’re feeling better soon!!!!!

    1. I was so happy finding you again in the summer, Jenn, and I had admired you then, 10 years ago, you have grown and your pages are so inspiring!!!! I had wanted to show case you for a while, so so glad I was able to today/last night!!!!!!! <3 you are amazing!!! we ll catch up soon!!!

  4. So much gratitude for your kind and gracious words this morning. I’m always honored and humbled to have you choose one of my layouts for a GSO when I know there are so many talented scrappers out there. Thank you.

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