Hello! I hope you’re all doing well. This is my first post of the new year and I say and feel with cautious optimism that 2021 will EVENTUALLY be a better year than 2020. (It’d be tough to be worse than 2020.) I know we still have a long way to go before life is “normal” again but’s it bound to get better, right?! We all just need to stick together and take care of each other. That’s alway a good way to live though, isn’t it?

My hope is that if all goes well maybe someday I’ll even get to travel somewhere (other than around the neighborhood to walk my sweet dog) and I’ll have some interesting photos to scrap and stories to tell. I can hope, right?!

Duluth Lake Walk by Stephanie_E | What a beautiful winter scene. I love the blending of the photo and the grungy doodles, along with the grungy font the artist chose. Framing the photo in a window frame is such a great idea! As for the photo … I love the colors of the buildings popping out in the photo! The Duluth lake walk is only a 2 hour drive from me so I’m sure I’ve walked this area at some point. 🙂

Together by cyranoscrap | What a fun selfie with the happy faces and the blue sky peeking through the smiles! What a great composition with the beautiful painted flowers and leaves in the background in the colors of the title and elements. The pops of color along with the smiling faces makes for such a happy page!

Nostalgic by Angel Scrap | What great dimension and shadow work in this page! Her great use of white space really draws your eye and makes the photo pop. I love all the details in the title cluster with the buttons and sequins and paint. the alpha she used for the title is so fun!

Fly by Quilty Mom | Ahhh … this photo capture the joy of traveling and seeing the world. (I miss travel so very much!) I love the colors of the sunrise (or sunset?) and I really love the way the letter Y in the title turns into an airplane and then she’s set a dimensional airplane atop it. It’s so fun! It’s just all in all a lovely page!

SSL: All In A Row – Literally by smcloone | Absolutely gorgeous! I love a page created with a full sized photo! I love the texture you can see coming through the photo and the way she laid out her title. I like the dimension on the outside of the page and the brushwork set atop it. Did you notice the brushwork and date set at an angle on the rail? Love that!

Make Your Own Music Banner by shannonc | What a happy page! I love the bright pops of colors, particularly the way she perfectly matched the reds/oranges to the colors in the background of the photo. I really like the angled blue patterned paper with the arrows directing your eye to the photo. I like the strips of black and the doodled orange lines along the edge. It’s just such a cheery page!

I hope you enjoyed the photos I chose for you today. I’ve linked the pages so if any of these beautiful pages speak to you, I’m sure the artists would appreciate any love you care to share with them.

Happy scrapping and please stay safe all!


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