Hi everyone! Happy Friday.

Can you believe it is going to be February next week?! Where has January gone? It has been a fun and very creative month throughout the galleries, I think I have left more comments than ever before, because there has been so much beauty and talent on display!

Zinzilah – You are my sunshine

Everything about this is amazing, the cute kitty, the explosion of perfectly colour coordinated elements on the muted background. Just perfection and I really love the variety of sequins used here, so clever and fits the layout so well.

KayTeaPea – Happy Birthday 16

This is so clever, celebrating all the 16th birthday cars, which are all very different and no doubt fit their individual personalities. I love the stamped and sketchy doodled balloons, adding pops of colour and fun to the page. The use of map paper pieces is inspired, suiting the car angle, and the colours all tie in with the balloons so well. Such a happy page.

Mrs Peel (aka our Cynthia) – Bake

I have no idea if I am breaking GSO ‘rules’ here, as Cynthia is part of our team, but I am sorry, I just couldn’t not include this amazing page. All of Cynthia’s pages are works of art, but this one just really spoke to me. The quilt theme/idea for the whole page is inspired, especially where Cynthia has repeated some items (as a quilter, this really made sense to me), and I love the bright colours, making everything pop all over. All the little elements are perfectly placed with to die for shadows and I can’t get enough of that silicon style title – if you are a baker, you know that silicon items are your bestie!

Sheana – Blah

I love everything about this, the slight sneer in her photo conveying the blah. The teeniest of clusters, that add a pop of colour, the stitching running over the photo. It is anything but blah!  The background just makes it all come together so well, with that swirl detail. Fabulously un-blah!

CathQuilllScrap – Winter Sunsets

I am a sucker for layered / torn papers. This is just so elegant and I love the pattern mix and that super cute little Penguin. The paint splatters are perfectly placed, adding to the layout but not overpowering it. And I am really never brave enough to overlay my title alphas, I try but it looks messy, then I see someone like Cath do it and I’m all like ‘this is what it should look like, must try harder’ lol.

Pamela (pj) Martin – January Memories

This leapt out at me, so unusual. Then when I saw that it was a page about cruise memories, it just struck me as so clever. The waves evoking being on a ship and the fading out at the edges is wonderful. I really, really like the stacking of the same photos. I don’t know if I have ever seen that before, amazing. I feel very calm and serene looking at this page.

That’s all from me today, I hope you find some time to show some love to the talented scrappers featured today. You’ll see me again in February, until then, have a wonderful weekend and keep scrapping.

Claire x

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