Hey hey, friends!  Anyone else feel like January sped by?  I don’t typically feel like that, but here we are…  last day of January!  Tomorrow I can start celebrating my birthday month!

It’s a good time to look back on those resolutions and see how you are doing.  If they aren’t going the way you thought… change them!  Figure out what works and make it happen… and I’ll do the same.  Buuuttt…  enough about all that…  ready for some inspiration?

MOC9 Day 26 Large Title by dbregant

First things first…  that title!  I love how big and bold it is.  It completely balances that page and catches the eye immediately.  Her four photos really connect the journaling and title… She chose beautifully muted colors that correspond with her sweet photos.  I love the big circle falling off the page, and the sweet little elements scattered about.  Beautifully created!

Day 31 by MiekSter

So this layout took my breath away…  the journaling brought tears to my eyes.  I could truly feel the emotion behind the words.  As I looked at the photos and thought about the words on the page, it brought the whole picture together.  So often we document the fun and happy times… but, these moments are so worth documenting.  They are so important for future generations… and they are often so healing for those of us that create them.  I appreciate and respect the raw emotion that went into this page and I am sending hugs and prayers to you MiekSter.  This page is absolutely breathtaking.

MOC 9 Jan 10 by Mrsdudds

I adore the fun photo strips on this page!  The black and white photos really make those bright colors pop… and the star here is the super unique title!  I love the use of different elements and textures.  Something like this adds so much interest to a white space page.  I love the whole vibe here, and the journaling is so cute!  Mom, mom, mom…

Eat Sleep Quarantine by Cherrylej

This!  I know a lot of us have been documenting our quarantines/2020… and I just can’t get enough!  This one is super cute.  The grid pattern is spectacular and the black and white photos against the colors make them focal points.  I love the title in the middle square and my fave is the journal card right under…  (it’s funny cuz it’s true!)  Such a fun page with well placed elements and beautiful shadowing.  It makes quarantine look fun!

Fabulous by Mywisecrafts

This page is another stunner… The first thing that drew my eye was the photos.  Such a great way to add amazing interest!  It’s not just one photo… it’s a photo that she split into two photos…  I mean, come on!  So clever.  Beyond that, her clustering and shadowing within her clusters are just perfect.  I love when we scrap ourselves, and we truly are perfectly imperfect, are we not?  Thanks for this, girl…  I am completely inspired!

noted by Biancka

It is always clear that Miss Biancka knows how to cluster and shadow… and this page certainly does not disappoint!  Her heart shaped photo is absolutely adorable and she used that fun background paper as a unique design element.  This page is grungy, bright, and kinda awesome!  Looks like she’s going to be busy tomorrow, and I love those everyday routine layouts… It’s important to document our normal days…  it’s where our lives happen!

I know all these pages are going to inspire you to go create… it sure has inspired me.  Don’t forget to stop by all these lovely pages and give some love…  and have a wonderful first week of February, friends!

Be blessed,

Heidi Nicole

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