Hello, Digi-land!! My name is Susan and I am absolutely THRILLED to be a new member of the Gallery Standout Blog!! Some of you may know me as Pachimac around Digi-land. I have followed this blog for years and have been honored to have a few of my favorite pages picked through the years. I hope you enjoy the batch of six layouts that I found while I was browsing the galleries this week!!

Just a little housekeeping here: You can click on the title of each page and you will be brought to their page in the gallery in which I found them. Take the time, if you have it, to give them some sweet praise for their work. I hope you are inspired by them. I can tell you that there is nothing like the thrill of logging onto the blog and seeing your work and having it be showcased for everyone to see!!

Without further ado…our 6 layouts!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful layouts and talent with us.

Time With You   BlackKathy

I found this gem in the gallery of Katie Pertiet Designs. It is a very precious page celebrating our most precious gifts: children! I was immediately drawn to the photo of two babies playing and discovering the world. Her use of the clock encircling the photo is perfect to convey a sense of time, and the splashes of pink contained in the clock’s face are a perfect touch to accent the page. I love the photo spilling out of the frame and the very light touch of gesso paint she used to blend the photo into the lightly textured background.  Finally, using the background paper as negative space draws one’s eyes straight to the fabulous photo!!

La couleur des Fleurs.  Grazyna Wrzask

This colorful layout is from Pickleberry Pop, and boy does this layout POP!! I was pulled in by the most adorable pictures of this little girl, and I had to see what it was all about. Then the genius of matching the color of her dress to the paint underneath each photo, and a small spray of flowers in that color on each photo was wonderful! The paint swooshes on the edge of the page tie everything together and make an adorable, bright, and colorful page that makes me smile. I hope it did for you too!

Secret  Rubia Padilha

While browsing The Sweet Shoppe’s gallery, I was stopped by this most amazing collage. I saw the blended picture and the words “I should say NO” and had to see what this layout was all about. The shadowing is amazing and I felt like I could pick the items up right off the screen! Each little piece in the collage seems to have a meaning, and I enjoyed looking at all the pieces and trying to figure out what she was trying to convey. The title “Secret” is perfect for this collage.

Really, I’m Fine. JustPattyAnne

Digital Scrapbooking Studio always has some really unique and fun pages in their gallery! The red and the screaming woman was enough for me to stop scrolling and spend some time with this one! As I looked at it, I felt what the scrapper was trying to say. There are so many days when I just don’t have the energy to share what stress I am under, and “I’m Fine” seems to come out of my mouth too easily lately. She portrayed this feeling so well with the red hot colors, and the equally hot white – the piles of words, and the perfectly placed word art. The scribbles near her face just make a perfectly messy, mad, stressed page that I’m sure was a great stress reducer just to have made it.

She’s All That! Claire Grantham

Ok, I admit it. I’m a shoe hound. My husband calls me Imelda Marcos because I have so many pumps, heels, sandals, and shoes that he had to build me a shoe rack in our closet. So when I saw this page by Claire at The Lily Pad, I knew I was going to click. I was not disappointed!! This is from The LilyPad’s Summer School, and they were supposed to take an image and make a collage in a shape. Those heels were perfect for it, and the choices she made are perfect – from the pink instep of the shoe to the matching pink heel. The title “She’s All That!” is perfect for the attitude this page portrays – funky and powerful!! I love the way she did pieces of newsprint and splashes of color for the border, and the arrows pointing to the shoes is perfection!!!

“It Wasn’t There”  RoxanaTC

Oh, just rip my heart out and hand me a hankie!! I saw this page in Gingerscrap’s gallery and the butterfly and the hand caught my eye. When I read the journaling, it touched a part deep inside of me that feels the exact same way. My Mom too, is gone, and those moments when you really want to share something are so difficult.  The blended background is perfect and I love how she brought the opacity of the hand down to blend with the background, but left the elements and especially the butterfly vibrant and colorful. It made me feel like in the pain there is still joy. Her shadowing is wonderful, her font choice perfect, and I love the tiny little butterfly above the title.

So there you have it – my first GSO post!  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did to bring them to you!!

See you around Digi-land!



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