I hope these last few weeks of a very hot summer have been good to everyone and that you’ve had time to enjoy your scrapbooking hobby!! I love surfing galleries for your art – and I was so happy to find these 6 pages to share with you! You can click on the title OR the photo and it will take you to the gallery in which it resides. Take some time to give them love if you can!

One thing I love about Digital Scrapbooking Studio is that they really do have a variety of styles in their member galleries. You never know if you’re going to find an artsy page, a template, realistic shadows, or some great pages with amazing photography.  Our first page for today is by LovelyMissKait, and I was pulled in by the butterflies and watercolor images.  I am a sucker for Butterflies!!! When I clicked in, I cried with her as I read the heart-felt journaling about her Mama. She really made this page so special, from the title work to the stitched-down photos with the photo corners, to the happy flowers, I found this to be a wonderful tribute to her Mother.

Painful Regret       by LovelyMissKait

Pickleberry Pop has many artsy pages and I really love the colorfulness and artistry of the ladies there. I am always happy to find great extractions, wonderful blending, and all different kinds of styles. This time I was entranced by a page that was simple,  yet very finely elemented (if that’s a word??). I was enchanted with the beautiful photo fo the two hugging young girls, and how Lencik Vredniy used the colors in the photo to tie in the paint, the flowers, and the papers. It’s a super sunny, happy page with just enough elements to have visual interest, and just enough negative space to let the flowers, foliage, elements, and photo work together without losing any detail of anything.

Today is a Good Day       Lencik Vredniy

When I’m looking for colorful and pages that tell stories, I like to go over to the Sweet Shoppe and browse. Of course, I’ve always got a sweet tooth when I’m browsing the galleries, so it wasn’t a surprise that I stopped on this yummy delicacy!!  This page by Dalis has sugar written all over it!! I love that she has pictures of her “date’, a close up of that fabulous eclair, and all the donuts as well. Her clusters are so wonderful. The shadowing is magnificent and really feels like there is dimension there!!! I like the splooshes of white paint behind the photos and clusters, and the sweet strings do beautifully shadowed!!

Fresh Donuts – Channel Islands    Dalis

I have been lurking at Scrapbook.com for years, and I love all the great ideas that I have gotten from the paper side of the gallery here as well as the digital. I really enjoy seeing what people do with paper and love to see if I can replicate it digitally.  I thought this page by Margje was absolutely fantastic!! From her blended background to the photo that she digitized, to the little touches of planes on the background, this makes for an amazing piece of art! I can see this framed and hung up on a wall in a family room. It’s pure art!

Come Fly With Me.      Margjie

Gingerscraps has been my digital home for years, and I find that there are so many styles to keep me occupied in the gallery!! One artist that never disappoints is Mother Bear. I think I have quite a few of her pages in my favorites, but I can never scraplift her and do it justice!! From the very large main photo to the two adorable photos wrapped in flowers, a butterfly, and word art this page is a delight to the eyes. It’s beautifully shadowed, color-coordinated, and the background is rich and textured! I especially like the effect of the Bokeh and the hint of lace surrounding the page!

Life is Beautiful.       MotherBear

And finally, not the least of all the galleries by any means is The LilyPad. I have to say that more of my spirit animals live there and post there than at any other place. I’m fascinated and drawn in by their sheer variety of types of pages, but I find myself in the art journaling section most of all.  I truly think the best pages in all of digi-dom happens here at TLP for the Month of Challenges in January. The talent!!!! OY!!!  My pick for the day is this fabulous Art Journaling piece, “The Ocean’s Daughter” by wombat146. The first thing that caught my eye was the mermaid, and I had to see what this piece was all about. The strips of paper that made the emerald sea were perfect, and the background gave the impression of nighttime, with the glowing orb of the moon shining down!  I started to read the journaling and began singing as it’s one of my favorite ELO songs of all time! The color scheme of dark emeralds and blues is perfect for this!

The Ocean’s Daughter.     wombat146

Well, there you have it!! The contents of Susan’s scrapping mind tonight!! I hope you enjoyed this little trip around digi-land, and I’ll catch you next time!!!


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  1. How exciting having my layout selected to sit amongst all these other beautiful ones!!! Thanks so much Susan for your lovely comments, I had such fun creating it! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much Susan, for your lovely comments and for picking my layout!
    Congrats to everyone else….your layouts are all amazing!

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