Good Morning!  Dropping in a little bit earlier than I normally do from my part of the world.  I had to make a last minute and very fast road trip to visit my Dad.  With trying to get my son dually enrolled in High School and in College, it’s been a tad crazy so these past few days were the  ONLY time I could do this trip before school starts.  In the past 2 days, we have  already been in/through 6 different states.  In honor of all that road trip craziness, we are going to travel through 6 different galleries today.  Here are my picks for the day (fingers crossed I don’t use connection from rural America).

I want to ride my bicycle by Nickel

How awesome is the?  I love how the bicycle wheel is a stamp and it just jumps out and grabs your attention.  The subtly of the word art framing the bicycle wheel is the perfect approach to help document but not take away from the fun and amazing composition.

Wonder AJMuse4July2021 by AJK

Look at these amazing extractions for starters.  I absolutely love extractions and these were extracted perfectly.  Then there is placement of the girl in proximity of the light bulb with perfect shadowing. And how about that awesome ocean/beach scene spilling out of the light bulb?  I’m in awe!

Strat by Kjersti

I love a jam packed layout that is perfectly executed and this one does that!  This dark background makes all the pinks  really pop off the page. Take a look at all that amazing clustering with the small accents placed here and there to really give this page a beautiful polished look!

This is Life by bryanna

The grunginess of this background with the photo blended is amazing.  I love that the same photo was used in this gorgeous cluster and that this cluster has so much to see.

Best Summer by Kat Hansen

Oh these photos tell the story for sure.  It does look the best summer is being hand.  Love the bold summery colors and the photos are blended in with the background to make it look like it’s own perfect mixed media background paper.  

SSL July 24th by frani_54

How amazing is this?  I’m not sure what I love most, the monochromatic theme with the subtle pops of color or if it’s the way the painted circle is highlighting this beautiful circle of friends.  The messaging is definitely on point so I end my picks for the day with the reminder to all to “Embrace all that is You!”

Dont’t forget to swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love.  Enjoy your day and I’ll see you around the galleries until next time!



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