Man, oh man!  This year is flying  by, we are officially past the halfway point. Before it flies by any faster, check out these gorgeous layouts that I spotted in the galleries today.

AJMuse1July21_2 by AJK

How amazing is this?  Look at how this artist has the water coming right out of the open book and looks like it is flowing off the page.  I stand in awe of this layout.

Next up is Aerial Demonstrations by FL-Karen

Definitely loving the aerial view of this layout.  I love how the half sun element is placed under the word art.  Checkout the alpha and how it is strategically placed in the contrails from the plane.  Brilliant!!

Behind Every Man is . . . by Oldenmeade

All I can say is WOW!  I love the composition and the photo treatment.  The blending is fantastic. The replication of our man tells its own story and made me pause and reflect.  Sometimes we need layouts like this to just pause and take a moment.  This layout is a gentle reminder to me, to go ahead and take that photo regardless of perfect poses and let the photos tell the story of real life!

cwx_old_memories by CarolWenxin

It’s no secret, that I love layouts with a vintage vibe.  I love the red and teal flower that pop next to the black and white photo. The beautiful cluster is what jumped out at me.  I personally love to spend time examining other artists’ clusters so that I can be inspired and learn to cluster in different manners.  This cluster is worth just sitting and staring at it!

AnnaLift Challenge 07.02.21 – 07.16.21 by Marleen

This is a stunning white space layout.  I love the pop of red with subtle yellow and orange. It is then further accented by the black paint.  This layout perfectly captures the beauty of the birds singing on a bright sunshiny day!

Plant Love by CindyB

Not going to lie, the succulents drew me right in.  At first I thought I was looking at an amazing photoless layout, that is until I looked closer.  This artist has so perfectly incorporated her photos into this layout that is very difficult to see where the photo starts and end.  The perfect placement and layering of elements make this layout absolutely gorgeous.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave these talented artists some love!  Until next time, see you around the galleries in the meantime.



Esther (mywisecrafts)


4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing -July 8th

  1. THANK YOU, Esther!!! The topic of bodies of water and how they affect one’s life really made me reflect upon how much time I have spent in wonder, serenity, and awe of lakes, rivers, streams, and the ocean! How great is the creation and the Creator!

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