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Can you believe we are halfway through June already?! 2021 is whipping by. I am in a state of excitement, as soon I am heading to London to see my family after 18months of no travel! Hubby is returning from his trip to London today, so I spent a glorious Friday night browsing all the galleries.

Sharonbertolino – D is for Dad

The photo immediately caught my eye. Such a fun and happy moment captured. I LOVE that Sharon has overlaid the brush/stamp over the image and that the image blends out of the frame into the wonderfully textured paper. This page makes me so happy with it’s clean feel, but it still has so many lovely details.

wvsandy – Your Way

I am a sucker for a kitty cat layout, being a cat momma myself! I love this so much, the grungy background and paint, with all the torn paper pieces and pops of colour, it’s perfect. I love the little butterfly, it makes me think that the featured kitty might be watching butterflies out of the window!

Leablahblah – Lake Life

This leapt out of the gallery at me and it is no surprise, as I am a HUGE fan of Lea’s work. I love the colours of this page, so rustic, but fresh too. All the little details just bring it to life, the fish, the stitching, the Dragonflies. The large central cluster is amazing, the shadows here are just wow. I love the bold title popping against that background that reminds me of a lakeside cabin.

AmieN1 – Hey Tough Girl

YES! For tough, strong girls. This is wonderful, I love all the paint and scattered sequins and stars. The layering here is so good and obviously as it’s me, I am loving the big flower cluster, I think it adds an unexpected girly touch to the page. The use of word art is so good, it supports the journaling perfectly. I love the black & white photo in the weathered frame, again it totally suits the theme and I like that the colour used is minimal, a tough girl page needs tough girl colours!

Laura ODonnell – Last Day of School

What a fun page! I love the large month vellum sheet, it’s so fun! The big bold paper at the top, with the sneak of another clashing pattern underneath, made me so happy – I do love pattern mixing and it is used as a really clever device here to break up the page, with the added wonky stitching. I love Laura’s happy face, she seems happier about the end of school than her son LOL.

ArmyGrl – WhatWorks

Another person I am a HUGE fan of – Lisa aka ArmyGrl, she has always been so kind and supportive of me. This page just blew me away, I love that floating photo, that feels like it is floating, but doesn’t look unanchored, because of the way it touches the paint and the 2 teeny tiny flowers next to and on it. The cluster is wonderful and unusual and I keep finding new elements in it! The use of paint is perfect, just the right amount to keep it unfussy, but adding a bit of interest and some additional colour.

That is all from me today, please so these talented ladies some love if you get a chance. Enjoy your weekend, I hope you find some time to scrap and relax. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

See you in July from LONDON – YAY!!!

Claire x





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